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Creative Curriculum Week

To begin the second half of the Autumn Term, pupils at Edward Pauling Primary School studied Hampton Court Palace. Each year group based their learning on a different aspect of the Palace, from why it was a famous landmark and which famous monarchs lived there, to what life was like in the Palace for the rich and the poor.


Pupils explored Hampton Court Palace through a local history study through which they had the opportunity to further develop their research and investigation skills. On top of this, opportunities for writing across the curriculum were explored through diaries, fact files, comparative texts and chronological reports.


Key Stage 2 pupils visited Hampton Court Palace and participated in workshops where they found out about monarchs through the years, the life of Henry VIII and the different roles of members of the Hampton Court.


Key Stage 1 pupils welcomed a visitor to our school to enhance the learning experience through interactive workshops focusing on understanding who Henry VIII was and what happened to his wives. They even had an opportunity to explore some Tudor poetry. A whole school assembly was also presented by the lady in waiting, Marjory, teaching the pupils about life in the Tudor times. Pupils thoroughly enjoyed testing their knowledge from the whole week in a game of Tudor true or false.


As part of Creative Week, pupils in Reception and the Nursery experienced a Tudor Banquet, dressing in clothes fit for a king or queen in Tudor times! Learning focused on understanding royal life and comparing the life of Henry VIII to that of Queen Elizabeth today.




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