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Year 3

During Foundation Week, year 3 pupils took the opportunity to research and investigate the Artist LS Lowery, who was known for his movement of people within paintings. 
In order to reproduce work similar to his, the pupils used examples of people moving and sketched their shapes focusing on the movement and the joints. The pupils started with a stick man skeleton and thought about where the realistic bends and movements taken place. Once the pupils had mastered this skill, they created a more realistic outline using light sketching pencils to create a moving figure. Afterward, the children began to learn about perspective drawing to create a 3D effect of buildings. The children used a familiar building, our school, and followed step by step instructions to recreate what was modelled by the teacher. 
The children also looked at the colours and mood of LS Lowery's painting. From that they explored using colour wheels to create different colours. In addition, they used the use of black and white paint to create different shades. 
From all this, it enable the children to create their final pieces of a school playground scene in the Style of Lowery, ensuring their figures demonstrated movement. 
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