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Edward Pauling Primary School Breakfast Club

Edward Pauling Primary School's Breakfast Club, runs every school day from 8:00am till 9:00am. It is available for children in full time education and provides a healthy breakfast with stimulating activities.

Breakfast Clubs have been proven to improve:





Pupils will be familiar with the Breakfast Club team who have a variety of roles and responsibilities around the school.
Every team member has a First Aid, Child Protection and Safer Food qualification.

The Breakfast Club is located in the school hall.



Walking Bus

Breakfast Club also runs a Walking Bus: a member of staff meets children at a designated point, and walks with them to school.


Breakfast Club charges are as follows:


PPG Pupils - £2.50 per pupil, per day

Non - PPG Pupils - £4.00 per pupil, per day

Sibling PPG Pupils - £2.00 per pupil, per day

Sibling Non - PPG Pupils - £3.00 per pupil, per day

Walking Bus for both PPG and Non-PPG Pupils – £2.00 per pupil, per day


We currently have a large waiting list and a high demand for the service, which means we have to charge for the service to be able to pay the staffing and food costs.

Non – payment of Breakfast Club charges for over 2 weeks will result in places being lost and offered to families on the waiting list.


For all enquiries please contact the School Office.


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