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Creative Curriculum Week

What We’ll Build
To begin our school year in Key Stages 1 and 2, we carried out work based around the book ”What We’ll Build” by Oliver Jeffers. This is a wonderful book that covers building a future and looks at what is important in life including resolving difficulties, being resilient and positive relationships.
After a whole school assembly where the book was introduced to our pupils, classes looked at the different themes including:
·         How we work and play together in school
·         Facing challenges and working as a team
·         Thinking about individuals who have worked positively to build up their communities
·         Planning an ideal community
·         What pupils might become in the future
During the two days, pupils had the opportunity to build their own community within their classes and to revisit school routines to help them be more effective learners.
Our pupils had a lot of fun exploring the book as you can see from the photographs below!