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Gallery Archive: 2015-2016

Year 1 had a visit from the Animal Roadshow. They enjoyed seeing and touching the different animals such as lizards, rabbits and snakes!

Congratulations to the School Football Team who won their final against Bedfont school.

Scarlett Class performed an outstanding assembly. Well done!

Year 2 went to Bedfont Lakes to celebrate!

Topaz performed an outstanding assembly for their families about holidays. Well done!

Year 6 visited Syon Park.

Lilac Class performed an outstanding assembly about Ancient Egypt.

Indigo Class performed an brilliant assembly about Africa.

As it was HRH Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th birthday, the pupils at Edward Pauling Primary School were busy during the Easter Holidays on their own Royal projects.

Year 2 wrote their own riddles and shared them with the class.

Emerald Class peformed an outstanding assembly about chocolate!

Year 4 went to Cadbury World.

Jade Class performed their assembly to the school and their families today.

Well done to Jasper Class who performed an outstanding assembly for the school and their families.

We had a great time at Easter Camp!

Easter Hair Day!

Congratulations to Lisa, Elsie-June and Peter who won a new bike at our attendance assembly today!

In Year 1, we learnt all about the different types of maps. We looked at an aerial map of Feltham and tried to spot places we recognised. We found lots of familiar places, for example, Bedfont Lakes, Asda, Aldi and even Edward Pauling!

Safron Class performed an outstanding assembly enjoyed by all. Well done!