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Our Aims

Our vision is to ensure that we embed Excellence in our Outstanding School !

Here is a copy of our ‘Aspire’ priorities plan. We are all working to ensure that children enjoy learning across all subjects and achieve good outcomes across the whole curriculum.

Strategic Priorities 2020-21

TARGET 1.  Quality of Education

1a. Outcomes (achievement) by July 2021:

  • EYFS: 90% of pupils attain GLD and at least 20% exceed in the Literacy and Mathematics strands.
  • Year 2: 95% of pupils achieve the expected standard or above in reading, writing and mathematics and at least 40% achieve greater depth standard.
  • Year 6: 100% of pupils achieve the expected standard or above in reading, writing, grammar and mathematics and at least 50% achieve greater depth standard.

1b. Outcomes (progress):

  • The progress of HPAG pupils is substantial over time (from their starting points).
  • The progress of SEN and disadvantaged pupils matches or is greater than that of other pupils from the same starting points.

1c. Quality of Teaching:  The quality of teaching is never less than outstanding over time, so that all groups of pupils have access to a coherently planned and sequenced curriculum which provides them with cumulatively sufficient knowledge (including cultural capital) and skills for future life.

1d. Curriculum: All groups of pupils can confidently recall and apply their acquired knowledge, skills and understanding across all subjects to progressively deepen their knowledge, skills and understanding over time from their different starting points.

TARGET 2.  Behaviour and Attitudes:

2a. Attendance: The level of attendance is 97% and reduce persistent absence to less than 3% [sig - nat avg].

2b. Behaviour: Standards of behaviour are excellent - all pupils value and respect all opportunities to learn as well as themselves and others.

TARGET 3 – Personal Development:

3a. Personal traits: Pupils demonstrate that they are confident and independent learners who are resilient in the face of difficulties.

3b. British Values: Pupils demonstrate that they are responsible, respectful and play an active part in the life of the school and the local community, understanding the importance of British Values.  

TARGET 4 – Leadership and Management: There is a shared ambitious vision for providing all groups of pupils with a high quality education – leaders at all levels contribute to this through focused professional development and consistently high expectations.