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Wider reopening of school - March 2021

We are very much looking forward to seeing all those pupils in Nursery - Year 6 who have been working remotely at home over the first part of the Spring Term on Monday 8th March! Many of the procedures and mitigating measures that will be in place are the same as when the school was fully open in the Autumn Term so these will be familiar to most of our pupils and families.


The measures that are in place are there to make sure that the members of our school community are as safe as possible. It is therefore expected that all families will adhere to these. Although transmission rates are falling and vaccinations have begun, these measures are still vitally important to safety.


We have added information about the return to school as well as the latest risk assessment that has been carried out so that you understand all the additional measures that have been put in place to minimise the risks to all members of our school community. We hope that this information will alleviate the concerns that you may have.


Pupils must wear school uniform. The Uniform Policy under Key Information should also answer any questions you may have.


Details of the staggered start and finish times were sent to all parents and carers of all pupils via ParentMail in the past week so please refer to this communication. The details were in the email sent so should be easily accessible. Unfortunately, pupils will not be able to be dropped or collected early so please adhere to the times that have been given. If pupils are late arriving or being collected, classroom doors will remain open until 10am in the mornings and close at 4pm - siblings must be collected from their own classrooms using the one way route around the school.


Unfortunately, parents and carers will not be able to enter the school unless by prior arrangement to minimise the risk to all. Please email or telephone school with any queries or information that you wish to give  - we will then arrange to speak with you should that be needed. We would thank all parents and carers for following all the procedures which are in place to help to keep all members of the school community as safe as possible.



We are very much looking forward to seeing all our pupils and families!


We love school!

The Government and scientific community have made information available that parents and carers will find useful. This can be found at:

Returning to school:


Guidance for households with possible COVID-19 symptoms:


Stay at home - easy read guide about what to do where there are possible COVID-19 symptoms:


Booking a test:


Hounslow Council information on local testing sites:


Video demonstrating how to use a home testing kit to test a child:


Advice on mental wellbeing:


Advice where pupils attend out of school settings or activities:

Safer travel guidance:


Public Health England research into transmission rates in schools:


London Borough of Hounslow information for parents and carers: