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Wow Work

Nuwairah, in Year 4, researched Maya hieroglyphs and explained their use.

Anan​ya, in Year 6, explained the roles of men and women before and during WW2, using adverbial to link her paragraphs.

Faith S, in Year 5, used the correct subject verb agreement for singular nouns.

Idris and Faaria, in Reception, have been learning about people in their families. They independently traced over family members names then wrote them underneath.

Sammy, in Year 4, wrote sentences to correctly show how to use singular and plural nouns.

Hashim, in Year 4, answered mathematical sums using the Mayan Number system.

Elise, in Year 6, used adverbial to write cohesive paragraphs about a theme in the POR book.

Rumeha, in Year 2, understood the purpose for and used conjunctions ‘but’ and ‘or’ correctly in sentences.

Tyler, in Year 4, identified the correct plural nouns and wrote his own sentences using them.

Anabel, in Year 5, structured sentences using the correct subject verb agreement.

Leon, in Year 2, has identified tens and ones in a two digit number.

Phoebe, in Year 5, rounded numbers to the nearest 10.

Soham, in Year 1, counted forwards and backwards and write his numbers in word form.

Aurora, in Year 4, wrote a poem based on our School Assembly 'All about me'.

Afifa, in Year 5, used singular and plural verbs.

Zaynab, in Year 6, identified place value up to 10,000,000.

Abu Bakr and Shayan, in Year 4, calculated 1000 more and 1000 less.