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Wow Work

Thinuga, in Year 2, produced a leaflet on how to save the planet based on our POR book​ including statements, commands, questions and exclamations.

Reuben, in Year 4, has been investigating privacy and how if there wasn't any, what would happen.

Frank and his group, in Year 5, completed an investigation to demonstrate the effects of air resistance using a flat sheet of paper and scrunched up ball.

Cal​eb, in Year 6, created active voice sentences and converted them into passive voice. He also edited sentences to ensure they were kept in the same tense when they were converted.

Hashir, in Year 4, wrote sentences which include a prepositional phrase.

Maddy, in Year 6, wrote active sentences then identified the subject, verb and object.

Aqsa, in Year 2, asked questions to find out more about our POR book.​

Aryan, in Year 2, ordered numbers in ascending and descending order taking extra care with his number formation and presentation.

Arieta, Casey, Arsen in Year 6, designed and made a model sculpture of Queen Elizabeth ll using clay.

In Nursery, Maria and Sophia used Purple Mash to design a crown for the Queen and the King.

Ellie, in Year 6, wrote a biography On Queen Elizabeth II, explaining the significant events that took place in her life.

Nuwairah, in Year 4, researched Queen Elizabeth II and her reign.

Jessica and Anahita, in Year 4, sketched and painted Queen Elizabeth II.

Jiya, in Year 5, designed a World War 2 military medal and described how it is won.

Lehman, in Year 5, designed and made a war medal. He named it "Long roots of loyalty".

​Ellie, Waqas, Elise and Alex, in year 6 wrote a report explaining the importance of moral acts.

Olly, in Year 2, has learnt about rules in Judaism. He has learnt about the meaning of each of the 10 commandments and why they are important.​

Avi and Leo, in Year 4, studied the history and achievements of Michael Jordan. They then created their own artwork depicting Tolerance.

Millie, Anum, Hansini and Vanessa, in Year 6, created posters sharing their views on diversity and why it’s important to be treated equally.

Emily, in Year 5, wrote a fantasy story using the skill of using the correct subject-verb agreement.

Masoud, in Year 6, wrote a newspaper article on the evacuation of children during WWll, using a range of cohesive devices

​Tomas, in Year 2, used the conjunctions he has learnt to write his own adventure story in the same style of our Power of reading book.

Eeshta and Aoife, in Reception, identified and labeled important people to them.

Theo, in Year 5, explained why he needs to use a subject and a verb within his sentences.

Leon, Nihal and Hashim, in Year 4, wrote a short story including the skill of inverted commas to show when a character is speaking.

Maisie, in Year 6 has written a cohesive newspaper report about the evacuees during WW2, using adverbials to show contrast.

Lena, in Year 3, identified how many pumpkins there are in Spanish and used her maths skills of addition to show many pumpkins there were in each sum.

Sanvi and Srinika, in Nursery, drew a picture of her mummy and a dentist using pencils.

Agamya, in Year 5, identified the parts of the body in Spanish.

Leon and Amin, in Year 4, identified and wrote the Spanish names for places around school.

Lily, in Year 2, explained how people would look, feel and sound in different scenarios.

Dan H, in Year 5, explored and tackled different stereotypes.

Yaqub, in Year 6, outlined the benefits and dangers of exposure to the sun and how to balance this.

Christina, in Year 4, explained her likes and dislikes.

Masoud, in Year 6, explained how we can keep our body healthy while we grow by looking into sleep routines and sun safety.

Nuwairah, in Year 4, researched Maya hieroglyphs and explained their use.

Anan​ya, in Year 6, explained the roles of men and women before and during WW2, using adverbial to link her paragraphs.

Faith S, in Year 5, used the correct subject verb agreement for singular nouns.

Idris and Faaria, in Reception, have been learning about people in their families. They independently traced over family members names then wrote them underneath.

Sammy, in Year 4, wrote sentences to correctly show how to use singular and plural nouns.

Hashim, in Year 4, answered mathematical sums using the Mayan Number system.

Elise, in Year 6, used adverbial to write cohesive paragraphs about a theme in the POR book.

Rumeha, in Year 2, understood the purpose for and used conjunctions ‘but’ and ‘or’ correctly in sentences.

Tyler, in Year 4, identified the correct plural nouns and wrote his own sentences using them.

Anabel, in Year 5, structured sentences using the correct subject verb agreement.

Leon, in Year 2, has identified tens and ones in a two digit number.

Phoebe, in Year 5, rounded numbers to the nearest 10.

Soham, in Year 1, counted forwards and backwards and write his numbers in word form.

Aurora, in Year 4, wrote a poem based on our School Assembly 'All about me'.

Afifa, in Year 5, used singular and plural verbs.

Zaynab, in Year 6, identified place value up to 10,000,000.

Abu Bakr and Shayan, in Year 4, calculated 1000 more and 1000 less.