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Wow Work of the Week

Amelia, in Year 1, investgated the skipping rope in History.

Harlee, in Year 1, investigated the properties of Lego.

Jennifer, in Year 1, looked at the history of the spinning top.

Harry, in Year 6, wrote an explanation of how we see objects. Harry also drew a diagram to support this.

Thomas, in Year 6, solved practical number problems involving place value and rounding.

Jennifer, calculated one more and one less than a given number.

Alaya, calculated one more and one less of a given number.

Riansh, in Year 1, answered word problems in maths.

Nathan, in Year 2, confidently partitioned numbers in different ways and then explained his reasoning.

Aarun, in Year 2, showed he can order two digit numbers and find equals of amounts.

Tanya, in Year 5, identified pronouns and relative pronouns in sentences.

Aarun, in Year 1, has completed sentences that make sense using a variety of conjunctions.

Adeep, in Year 6, was able to identify cohesive sentences and explain how conjunctions and adverbials help us develop cohesion in writing.

Kane, in Year 6, has shown he is able to create excellent cohesion within his paragraphs using a range of linguistic devices.

Riansh, in Year 1, described his favourite toy.

James, in Year 1, described his favourite toy.

Noor, in Year 1, has learnt how to use capital letters in her writing.

Jordan, in Year 3, wrote a paragraph using compound sentences.

Ethan and Maisie, in Year 4, have studied singular and plural possession.

Luvin and Sanvi, in Year 2, practised using and to join clauses.

Ilisha, in Year 4, compared and ordered numbers.

Charles, in Year 2, wrote an acrostic poem about his favourite hobby.

Shayan, in Year 2, made a poster advertising his own club based on his hobby.

Damari, In Year 2, wrote a poem about what makes him special.

Casey and Ananya, in Year 4, practised their cave painting drawings.