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Attendance Archive: 2015 - 2016



Lessons begin at 9am
Classroom doors open at 8.50am


Lessons finish at 3.20pm


To make our  attendance outstanding our parents can help by making sure our pupils come to school everyday and are on time too. We are going to all work together to improve our attendance  from 96.4% [ July 2016] to 97% (outstanding) by July 2017.

Our Outstanding Attendance badges

Pupils at Edward Pauling Primary School will be awarded outstanding attendance badges.  They will be given for the following attendance:


 Bronze - for 100% Attendance for a term

Silver - for 100% Attendance for 2 terms

Gold - for 100% attendance all year!

We look forward to seeing all our pupils with their attendance badges!


Please see below for an update on 100 % attendance.

We Love 100% Attendance

Attendance Documents