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Year 1: Aqua and Sapphire

Year 1


In Year 1 this half term, our Power of Reading book will be ‘Traction Man’. It is a wonderful story about a toy named Traction Man who comes to life and goes on exciting adventures!


Pupils will be learning to write in sentences in English. They will learn to use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces in their writing and apply this to write their own captions. Pupils will also begin to look at the conjunction ‘and’, exploring how it is used and how it affects writing.


In maths lessons, pupils will be learning about number and place value and addition. They will begin to build their knowledge of numbers beyond 10, learning about the importance of place value and how to find one more and one less than a quantity. Pupils will continue to use pictorial representations and a range of resources to support their learning.


Pupils will work scientifically to identify, describe and classify some materials this half term. They will begin to identify the properties of various materials and use investigations to test those properties.


Linked to our Power of Reading book, pupils will be looking at important events in history, with a particular focus on toys from the past.  They will identify the similarities and differences between toys now and toys from the Victorian era as well as at other points throughout history.


In Design and Technology, pupils will be making their own hand puppets by selecting which materials and tools they think will be best to use. As part of the music curriculum, pupils will continue to develop the skills of singing as part of a group and learning different songs.


Pupils will be learning about things that are special to people and how they belong to a community in RE. They will learn to use the correct names for things that are special to different religions.


In PSHE, pupils will be learning about what is similar and different about them and their friends and what makes us special.


PE will be every Tuesday afternoon and the children must wear the correct PE kit as set out in the Uniform Policy. Please label all items of clothing with your child’s name and class to enable us to retrieve any lost items.


We look forward to an exciting Autumn Term in Year 1.