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Year 4: Jasper and Emerald

Year 4


Welcome back Year 4! This half term, Year 4’s Power Of Reading book will be ‘Timeless Thomas’, a book about the inventions of Thomas Edison and how they are still used today. This book will be used to support learning across the curriculum.


In Maths, pupils will look at money and how to estimate, compare and calculate different amount of money in pounds and pence.  They will then use both 12 and 24-hour time as part of problem-solving, where they will focus on converting between units of time and will be solving problems involving converting from hours to minutes; minutes to seconds; years to months and weeks to days. Pupils will then move on to look at Roman numerals, completing calculations with answers up to 100.


Pupils will learn about sound, electricity and circuits, linking to Thomas Edison in science lessons. They will find patterns between the pitch of a sound and the features of the object that produced it. Pupils will also look at patterns between the volume of a sound and the strength of the vibrations that produced it. They will go on to learn about materials that are conductors and insulators of electricity through different investigations. Through this, pupils will be able to recognise some common conductors and insulators and associate metals with being good conductors. Pupils will have the opportunity to design and create a simple circuit, understanding how electricity is passed through different components


In English, the pupils will focus on using formal and informal English, recognising the features of each and when it is most appropriate to use the standard and non-standard form in writing. Pupils will then write a biography of Thomas Edison using Standard English.


Pupils will research existing designs of products that use a circuit and then develop design criteria to inform the design of a room. They will add in a light switch using their new knowledge of electrical circuits.


As part of their learning in RE, pupils will study the Easter story and its importance to Christianity. Pupils will then learn about different Easter celebrations around the world, considering what this symbolises and why is it important to Christians of different denominations.


In Spanish, pupils will learn about the face and different body parts and be able create an alien and write a simple description about what they look like.

Pupils will learn about coding in computing. They will learn to predict what will happen when they run a code, before running it and discussing what happened as well as comparing it with their prediction. Additionally, pupils will be given opportunities to investigate and modify code allowing them to write their own programs.


In PSHE, pupils will be looking at different jobs and how people may have different careers over their lifetime. Pupils will explore different kinds of voluntary work, unpaid and paid work and they will have the opportunity to think about what career they may like to do when they are older.


We want to thank you for your continued support. Just a reminder that PE will continue to take place on Wednesdays so pupils should come to school wearing their PE kit on this day! Jasper Class will start swimming in their PE lesson this half term and Emerald Class will be taking part in PE lessons.

Year 4 Recommended Reading List


  1. The unfortunate series of events - Lemony Snicket
  2. How to train your dragon - Cressida Cowell
  3. The Brilliant World of Tom Gates - Tom Gates
  4. The Polar Express - Chris Van Allsburg
  5. The Lion Above the Door - Onjali Q. Rauf
  6. The Boy at the Back of the Class - Onjali Q. Rauf
  7. Wicked World Cup - Michael Coleman
  8. The Twits - Roald Dhal
  9. Iron Man - Ted Hughes
  10. Little People Big Dreams - Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara
  11. Sun, Moon and Stars - Stephanie Turnbull
  12. Helping our Plant - Jane Bingham
  13. Michael Rosen's Book of Nonsense - Michael Rosen
  14. The 13-Storey Treehouse - Andy Griffiths
  15. My Brother Is a Superhero - David Solomons