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Parent Volunteers


At Edward Pauling Primary School we have established a Volunteering Programme which enables parents and carers to come into school to help support our pupils in developing their reading and mathematical skills.
We offer training for all our volunteers.

The volunteers meet once a term with the leadership team for 'coffee and cake' and this provides a perfect opportunity for a discussion about what is working well within the programme, pupil progress, training needs and also feedback about how the programme can be improved for the next half term.


(Please note that all participants in our Volunteering Programme are subject to DBS checks.)

We look forward to welcoming new parents and carers to our Volunteering Programme - please ask at the reception desk fr your child's class teacher for further details.


We Love Volunteers!



Pupil Feedback:


'She listened to me read and helped me with my sounds and helped me read words like 'river' which I couldn't read before!' (Krystal)


'He tells us facts and stories relating to the book we were reading. I wish he was in more to read with us!' (Sololia)


'She has helped us improve our maths. She is determined we will improve everyday. She is kind and listens to us too.' (Oreoluwa & Lilly-Mae)


'She helped me with lots of words I didn't know. I really like working with her!' (Shuaib)


'She is lovely and really helps us with our numbers and reading. She perseveres with us and teaches us new words.' (Charley & Hafsa,)