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After School Clubs


We are excited to be able to start running clubs again, both for sports and other activities. Our clubs are run to build on our pupils’ existing skills and to nurture and develop their talents and interests, whether this is art, chess or a sport like netball.


In January, our pupils in Years 1, 2 and 3 will have the chance to develop a range of skills to equip them to enjoy participating in different sports. Netball Club will focus on the skills to play games competitively whilst also helping Year 5 and 6 pupils to work as a team. Football Club is being run for Year 1 and 2 pupils and will also focus on enjoying playing this sport, building teamwork in competitive sport.


We are also pleased to offer an Art based club for for Years 1 and 2: this club will give pupils an opportunity to develop their skills and learn more about the different techniques  and styles that artists use to create pieces. In Upper Key Stage Two, Chess Club gives pupils an opportunity to learn and play this strategic game. We also have the new Architect Club for pupils in Years 5 and 6.



Please see the gallery below, or contact the school office for further information.


We love clubs!

Art Club 14.5.2025

Rounders Club 10.5.2024

Henna Club 9.5.2024

Art Club 7.5.2024

Henna Club 2.5.2024

Enda Club 25.4.2024

Badminton Club

Sewing Club 21.3.2024

Henna Club 19th March 2024

Sewing Club 19th March 2024

Netball Club 14.3.2024

Henna Club 12.3.2024

Art Club 12.3.2024 Pupils used water colour to create their background for their under the sea creatures. They’re were mixing colours to make different shades of blue.

Chess Club 8.3.2024

Henna Club 5th March 2024

Sewing Club

Henna Club 27.2.2024

Art Club 27.2.2024

Chess Club 23.2.2024

Architecture Club 20.2.2024

Henna Club 20.2.2024

Art Club 20.2.2024

Art Club 6.2.2024

Henna Club 6.2.2024

Henna Club 30.1.2024

Henna Club 23.1.2024