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Wow Work

Henry, Ollie and Anas, in Year 3, described the time using half past, O'clock, quarter past and quarter to.

Juslin, in Year 3, researched and explained how Hindus pray.

Jos, in Nursery, painted a Khanda- the Sikh symbol.

Lennie, in Year 3, wrote about the Iron Man and included Inverted commas for direct speech.

Azlan and Rihanna, in Year 1, wrote questions about the U.K. using question marks at the end of their sentences.

Tomas, in Year 3, explored the speaker and direct speech in a text.

Jos, in Nursery, labelled his picture of a bear hunt and wrote his name.

Kallum, in Year 4, wrote an interesting biography about Thomas Edison and ensured he used formal language throughout and used the correct features.

Maya, in Reception, wrote brilliant instructions on how to make a wormery.

Kyra, in Nursery, independently made a bear making sure she had the right amount of body parts.

Sammy, in Year 1, wrote about what jobs people do for kindness and what jobs people do that is paid.

Aaliya, in Year 4, discussed the skills of a head chef after watching a video of one. She then became a head chef for a day and listed a daily job list and created a well thought out menu for her customers.

Juslin, in Year 3, explained how simulations can have their advantages.

Daveena, in Year 4, completed an experiment about how distance can effect sound.

Dylan, Nuwairah, Britney, Reuben, Mawahib, Deeksha and Aurora, in Year 5, worked really hard to recreate some original illustrations from "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" by Lewis Caroll.

Hashir, in Year 5, drew his favourite book cover "Dogman" in world book day today.

Harshawn and Thinuga, in Year 3, wrote a story of 'The Iron Man' using adverbs.

Aqsa, in Year 3, investigated if items were magentic or non-magnetic.

Maya, in Reception, matched numbers to the images.

Shayo, in Year 6, worked out the area of a triangle.

Sanyu, in Year 5, successfully converted fractions to percentages and used this knowledge to help her to complete multistep word problems.

Aryan and Ibrahim, in Year 3, converted between pounds and pence.

Isabella B, in Nursery, drew what happened in our POR book and labelled each picture.

Amelia, in Year 4, multiplied and divided decimals by 10 and 100.

Jennifer, in Year 4, found the key features of formal language and informal language.

Binadi, in Year 6, explained the purpose a hyphen when joining a noun and verb.

Cyrus, wrote sentences using commas in a list correctly and accurately with lovely presentation.

Ismaeel and Veida, in Reception, wrote about their observations in class.

Ekam, in Year 5, used her knowledge of prefixes to correctly create new words by by putting suitable prefixes onto root words.

Zofia, Zayyan and Mithun, in Year 1, have taken great care with their writing when doing their English sustained write.

Alexandra and Abaan, in Year 3, sequenced a chapter of The Iron Man using Adverbs.

Nihal and Arturs, in Year 5, used their learning from RE day to write about the Easter Story and why Easter is important to Christians.

Isaac, in Year 3, explored if discrimination is on purpose or if it isn't.

Mariah, in Year 3, wrote why her special item was important to her.

Viraj and Shayan, in Year 5, used critical thinking skills to mae 100 using consecutive numbers and functions.

Amirul, in Year 6, explored Social media including the positive and negative effects.

Rohaan, in Year 4, deciphered the feelings of the individuals in each scenarios.

Henry, in Year 3, used the 'bus stop' method to divide.

Ethan, in Year 4, worked out the area of shapes and has explained the process of working out the area of a rectilinear shape.

Thinuga, in Year 3, investigated different prepositions.

Daniel H, in Year 6, explained subjunctive form and stated when it is used.

Esther, in Year 4, confidently compared the similarities and differences between a Church and Mosque and produced an outstanding answer with her new learning.

Nihal, in Year 5, interpreted the feelings of a girl in a video about going to Hajj.

Arjun, in Year 3, explained what peace means to him.

Kaien, in Year 5, used his understanding of measurements to compare metric or imperial units as well as answering multi-step word problems.

Conor, in Year 3, used his knowledge of multiplication to answer word problems.

Yashfeen, in year 4, we have moved onto our blue box activity and completed it with independence and confidence!

Rachana, in Year 3, explored First Aid and how she would deal with minor injuries.

Mawahib and Araiz, in year 5, worked hard to research the cost of different activities and compare the value of them in four different ways.

Esther, in Year 4, discussed some of the children's rights and explained their importance by giving good reasons.

Veida, in Reception, described a dinosaur.

Abu Bakr, in Year 5, learned about the phases of the moon and why the moon appears to change shape in the sky.

Kyra, Liam, Jos, Amreece and Dilhan, in Nursery, have been practicing writing their names.

Alexandra and Varaali, in Year 4, used the present perfect tense to describe actions of Peter Rabbit.

Kingsley, in Year 1, demonstrated his understanding of addition word problems.

Abdullah, in Year 4, used his knowledge of place value and addition and subtraction to complete his moving beyond questions.

Kyra K, in Year 6, completed mixed problems demonstrating her arithmetic skills.

Tianna, in Year 5, usede her learning from across 3 previous units to answer word problems.

Aryan, Vinny and Agamjot, used the column subtraction method,

Idris and Vihaan, in Scarlet class, wrote about their learning during Take One Media week.

Rayyan, Arhaan and Dimitar, in Year 6 created a Podcast on Winston Churchill’s life.

Layla and Carmen, in Year 5, used what they learned about video games to create game posters.

Rachana and Varaali, in Year 3, designed a front and back cover for their own comic book.

Amelia, in Year 4, made a storyboard for their own TV show that she had made!

Vaidehi, in Year 6, compared different sleep routines, explaining the importance of it to keep our bodies healthy.

Fatima and Elsie, in Year 2, carried out a comparative test in Science when we tested different materials for a parachute.

Agam, in Year 3, compared the similarities and differences between periods during the Stone Age.

Nathan, in Year 5, independently researched and wrote an explanation of the life cycle of a fish.

Kingsley, in Year 1, identified materials that are metal and not metal.

Armaan , in Year 1, showed how to start counting from any number-One more and One less.

Kyra K, in Year 6, explored how Anderson shelters were used during the war.

Zoya, in Year 5, explained the life cycle of an Amphibian.

Aaliya, in Year 4, outlined the process of melting that took place in their investigation and explaining what condensation is and how it takes place.

Ismaeel, in Reception, wrote what he saw when he went on holiday.

Arhaan, in Year 6, wrote about the impact of The Blitz and how they used Morrison and Anderson shelters for protection.

Ruby, in Year 2, used conjunctions in her sentences about our POR book 'Emma Janes Aeroplane' and explained why we use them.

Theo, in Year 6, wrote cohesively repeating an emotion with ambitious vocabulary.

Dan C, in Year 6, used repetition for cohesiveness about an emotion.

Lucas, in Year 5, worked hard in English this week to show he knew how to use subject verb agreement in both singular and plural sentences.

Harshir, in Year 5, wrote sentences using the correct subject verb agreement for both singular and plural.

Arjun and Juslin, in Year 3, wrote sentences using conjunctions to show place.

Grace, in Year 4, we used our water colour skills to create a tree with key words that communities should be built around.

Deeksha, in Year 5, drew the school and the community around it describing bits of grey and how we can make this better.

Thinuga, in Year 3, explored the different feelings throughout the story 'In Our Hands'