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Wow Work

Nathan, in Year 4, wrote an advert for a chocolate bar using expanded noun phrases.

Alexksander and Jojo, in Year 2, looked at different life processes and how they know if something is alive or not.

Kereethi, in year 6, has explained which components in a circuit have the greatest impact and why.

Mawahib, in Year 3, compared London to the Lake District.

Aqsa, in Year 1, planned an experiment to see which material is best to build a house with.

Nicole, in year 6, has shown an excellent understanding in commutative and non commutative sums when using BODMAS.

Alex T, in Year 5, demonstrated how to simplify fractions.

Aurora, in Year 3, investigated how seeds germinate.

Matias, in Year 2, sorted sentences and phrases and then identify nouns and adjectives in expanded noun phrases.

Ananya, in Year 5, used modal verbs well in a piece of writing about our significant other Ernest Shackleton.

Evelyn, in Year 6, used the active voice and the passive voice accurately in her writing.

Mollie, in Year 4, used expanded noun phrases and prepositions accurately.

Om, in Reception, labelled the different parts of a dinosaur.

Alex, in Year 1, retold the story of the Three Little Pigs using time words.

Chantelle, in year 6 has studied active and passive voice. She explained what sentence pattern they follow, the key features of each and converting them from one into the other.

Thamanvi, in Year 5, demonstrated her understanding of modal verbs.

Arnav, in Year 3, demonstrated his knowledge of the present perfect tense in relation to plural and singular nouns.

Mehry, in Year 1, created her own symbol to represent how she belongs to the school and defined what a community is.

Sendui, in Year 4, wrote about an inspirational person.

Athav, in Year 1, found the correct numbers to add on a numberline, added them correctly and then wrote the numbers in words.

Julia, in Year 1, named and described toys from the Victorian times and also explained why some toys from the past are still used today.

Casey, in Year 5, explained what metamorphosis is and explain what stage insects she found outside were in.

Lola, in year 6, planned and carried out an experiment to further her knowledge in the way light travels and how shadows are formed.

Inaaya, in Year 6, explained her understanding of how we use light to see.

Ayat, in Year 1, sorted objects into metal, plastic and wood.

Alex, in Year 5, identified biomes and described them.

Rehaansh, in Year 1, named and described a toy his parents might have played with.

Kofi, in year 6, researched about WW2, going into details about the Axis and the Allies.

Ziona, in Year 6, wrote an interesting piece in humanities explaining her understanding of the impact of the Treaty of Versailles

Tianna, in Year 3, researched and explained the changes in food during The Stone Age.

​Yasmin, in Year 1, identified the capital letters in a text from our Power of Reading book 'Traction Man'.

Kyra K, in Year 3, demonstrated her understanding of the plural form and the singular form of the noun

Ayaan, in Year 3, identified different spelling changes for singular nouns.

Iina, in Year 5, used the correct subject verb agreement and made her sentences very interesting using adverbs and adjectives.

Zeina, in Year 6, explored repitition in writing.

Jojo, in Year 2, explored conjunctions and has been able to use 'and' independently.

Anika and Ansh, in Year 5, studied the use of the correct subject verb agreement.

Sammy, in Year 3, identified and discussed whether conjunctions could be used at the beginning of a sentence.

Matthew, in Year 6, independently identified the importance of key repeated words in a text and how this impacts the reader.

Luvin, in Year 3, studied the parts of The Stone Age.

Ardra, in Year 4, calculate 1000 more and 1000 less than a given number.

Aroush, in Year 1, counted the counters and circled which group had more.

Tanya, in Year 6, worked exceptionally hard at the start of our maths topic, which is place value.

Aela, in Year 6, has worked very hard in her understanding of place value and has created a solid base of understanding for her learning.

Maisie and Ellie, in Year 5, studied place value and rounded numbers to the nearest 10.

William, in Year 3, partitioned 3-digit numbers.