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Wow Work

Fatima and Elsie, in Year 2, carried out a comparative test in Science when we tested different materials for a parachute.

Agam, in Year 3, compared the similarities and differences between periods during the Stone Age.

Nathan, in Year 5, independently researched and wrote an explanation of the life cycle of a fish.

Kingsley, in Year 1, identified materials that are metal and not metal.

Armaan , in Year 1, showed how to start counting from any number-One more and One less.

Kyra K, in Year 6, explored how Anderson shelters were used during the war.

Zoya, in Year 5, explained the life cycle of an Amphibian.

Aaliya, in Year 4, outlined the process of melting that took place in their investigation and explaining what condensation is and how it takes place.

Ismaeel, in Reception, wrote what he saw when he went on holiday.

Arhaan, in Year 6, wrote about the impact of The Blitz and how they used Morrison and Anderson shelters for protection.

Ruby, in Year 2, used conjunctions in her sentences about our POR book 'Emma Janes Aeroplane' and explained why we use them.

Theo, in Year 6, wrote cohesively repeating an emotion with ambitious vocabulary.

Dan C, in Year 6, used repetition for cohesiveness about an emotion.

Lucas, in Year 5, worked hard in English this week to show he knew how to use subject verb agreement in both singular and plural sentences.

Harshir, in Year 5, wrote sentences using the correct subject verb agreement for both singular and plural.

Arjun and Juslin, in Year 3, wrote sentences using conjunctions to show place.

Grace, in Year 4, we used our water colour skills to create a tree with key words that communities should be built around.

Deeksha, in Year 5, drew the school and the community around it describing bits of grey and how we can make this better.

Thinuga, in Year 3, explored the different feelings throughout the story 'In Our Hands'