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Welcome back to Spring 2 Term Nursery! We hope had a lovely half term break and are keen to do more exciting learning! 


In Nursery this half term our Power of Reading book is ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’. Through this book, pupils will learn to use illustrations to predict what will happen in the story and how the characters are feeling. Pupils will also be learning some new phonics sounds following the Read, Write, Inc Phonics programme and they will be continuing to learn to write their names independently. This will raise their awareness of and ability to distinguish different initial sounds in words. 


Linking to our Power of Reading text, within the Nursery the role-play areas this half term will be a Cave and a Vet for pupils to re-enact what happened in the story as well as understanding the job of a vet. Pupils will use different props and there will be many mark-making and maths learning opportunities across the role-play areas.


As part of their learning within Expressive Arts and Design, pupils will have plenty of opportunities to create puppets and different scenes from the traditional tales stories they have learnt. Pupils will be able to use different media and materials when creating their pieces. They will continue to explore making marks using different textures and will begin to look at mixing colours together.


Pupils will also continue to explore opportunities within the provision to continue to develop their fine and gross motor, speaking and listening and personal, social and emotional skills in their play. They will continue to be encouraged to express how they are feeling and to begin to explain why they are feeling that way.


In Maths, pupils will continue to make comparisons between objects using mathematical vocabulary previously learnt. Pupils will also re-visit some previously taught skills such as finger numbers and matching numerals to amounts.


As they began to learn in Spring 1, pupils will continue to practise writing their names. They will also begin to write some initial sounds when labelling pictures they have drawn. This will be encouraged in Phonics as well as in the environment.


We are excited to begin our next half-term of learning! 

Nursery Recommended Reading


  1. We're going on a bear hunt
  2. The Very hungry caterpillar
  3. The Gruffalo
  4. Elmer
  5. Rumble in the jungle
  6. The day the crayons quit
  7. Room on the broom
  8. Don't call me sweet
  9. Dinosaurs love underpants
  10. Meg and Mog
  11. A friend for little bear
  12. Winnie and Wilber at the seaside
  13. The very hungry worry monster
  14. Giraffes can't dance 
  15. Goldilocks and the three bears