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Our scheme is online based and uses educational games to motivate pupils to improve their spelling, punctuation, grammar and maths skills. It is a personalised programme which monitors and guides the pupils as they work. Sumdog creates progress reports within its unique learning engine and gets to know each pupil, leading them through the standards and reporting their progress to their teachers. The skills which the pupils will be working on are aligned to the National Curriculum and are broken down into manageable steps. As the pupils work their way through the different skills, they are rewarded with their own ‘pets’, which motivates them to progress through the areas they are learning about.


Your child’s teacher will set challenges and assessments each week for pupils to complete and these will focus on the skills that have been learned in class that week. 


As a result of this, all homework in KS1 and KS2 will be based online. Pupils will still be expected to complete their homework by the Tuesday of each week in KS1 or the Monday of each week in KS2 and this will be checked by their teacher. The next challenge will then be set on the following Thursday (KS1) or Wednesday (KS2) with a deadline set for the Tuesday/Monday of the next week respectively.


Sumdog can be accessed on many devices such as desktop computers, laptops or, alternatively, there are apps available for iPhone, iPad and Android.


Some parents have enquired as to how long pupils at Edward Pauling Primary School are expected to spend completing their homework. It is a minumum expectation that pupils in KS1 and KS2 spend 1 hour a week on their homework. If your child attends Homework Club, then this is sufficient and they are therefore not expected to spend any additional time at home completing their activities, although if your child wishes to continue embedding their understanding of a concept through Sumdog, this is always encouraged. Please be reminded that the hour a week we expect to be spent on homework does not necessarily have to be one sustained period of time. The hour is in addition to time spent reading and practising spellings.


 We welcome your feedback  and appreciate your continued support.

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Our latest holiday homework!

Our latest holiday homework! 1