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Our Aims

Our vision is to ensure that our curriculum intent is embedded within our school.

Here is a copy of our ‘Aspire’ priorities which form our school development plan.  These are  linked to our curriculum intent. We are all working to ensure that children enjoy learning across all subjects and achieve good outcomes across the whole curriculum.

Strategic Priorities 2022-23

TARGET 1.  Quality of Education

1a. Intent:

  • Ensure that the new music scheme of work is securely embedded, well-resourced and better supports teachers’ subject knowledge.
  • Ensure that the new computing scheme of work is fully embedded so that it builds securely on pupils’ skills over time.
  • Ensure that the RE subject lead has time to dovetail the new locally agreed syllabus into the school’s existing planning.
  • Review the maths curriculum to ensure that all elements of this continue to be closely matched to the curriculum intent.

1b. Implementation:

  • Maths medium term plans to be broken down further, to include a stronger focus on arithmetic and ensure that all pupils build components more securely.
  • Embed learning from NCETM Mastering Number course across EYFS and KS1 to further secure children’s number knowledge.
  • KS2 teachers to further develop their understanding of breaking maths down into smaller components to enable all pupils to secure key concepts in their long-term memory.
  • In Spanish, ensure that the subject leader has additional management time to audit the delivery of the new curriculum and act on any findings.
  • Ensure the placement of sustained writing tasks is coherent and leads to pupils having the best possible opportunities to write at length and in depth.

1c. Impact:

  • EYFS: 90% of pupils attain GLD.
  • Phonics: 92% of pupils pass the Phonics Screening Assessment in Year 1. This increases to at least 95% by the end of Year 2.
  • Year 2: 95% of pupils achieve the expected standard or above in reading, writing and mathematics.
  •  Year 6: At least 90% of pupils achieve the expected standard or above in reading, writing, grammar and mathematics
  •  The progress of HPAG pupils is at least sustained over time (from their starting points).
  •  The progress of SEN and disadvantaged pupils matches or is greater than that of other pupils from the same starting points.
  •  All pupils can confidently recall and apply their acquired K, S, U across all subjects and work of a consistently high quality across the curriculum evidences that the implementation of the curriculum is consistent and secure.


TARGET 2.  Behaviour and Attitudes:

2a. Attendance: The level of attendance is 97% and persistent absence is less than 5% [sig - nat avg].

2b. Behaviour: Ensure that pupils regain their pre-pandemic high levels of resilience.


TARGET 3 – Personal Development:

3a. Personal traits: Continue to expand the range of clubs and other enrichment activities to ensure pupils are exposed to a wide range of experiences to expand and/or capitalise on their talents and interests (including building cultural capital further).

3b. British Values: Embed opportunities for debate further to strengthen pupils’ ability to discuss and debate issues and ideas in a considered way. 


TARGET 4 – Leadership and Management: Ensure that new leaders are given additional time and support to capitalise on the induction programme and quickly establish a strong understanding of their role and the strengths and development areas for their subjects.