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Year 2: Ruby and Scarlet

Year 2


Now that pupils have finished SATs tests, they will be looking to consolidate and embed everything they have learnt this year.


In Literacy, pupils will be writing informal letters based on our Power of Reading book ‘Anna Hibiscus’ Song’. Pupils will write a letter to the Anna’s friend in England, telling her about life in Africa. They will be using a range of descriptive language, adding detail to engage the reader and choosing words for effect. Pupils will carefully select appropriate vocabulary and use a thesaurus to broaden the range of descriptive language.  They will also learn how to distinguish between homophones and near homophones and apply this when writing. Pupils will practise using editing and evaluation skills to try and improve work and using different pronouns to avoid repetition.

In Numeracy, pupils will learn about 2D and 3D shapes, focussing on the properties of these shapes and identifying a line of symmetry in a vertical line when exploring 2D shapes. They will then spend time comparing 2D and 3D shapes, finding the similarities and differences between them.  Pupils will use our knowledge of mathematical vocabulary to solve word problems with more than one step and learn how to determine remainders using known facts. They will recall and use multiplication and division facts for the 2, 5 and 10 multiplication tables to solve simple problems and learn how to recognise the relationship between addition and subtraction.

In Science, pupils will learn about the importance of humans exercising, eating the right amounts of different types of food and hygiene. They will carry out surveys to find out how much exercise the class complete per week and sort foods into Venn diagrams to show whether they are healthy of unhealthy, using reasoning skills to justify answers. Using what pupils learn, they will then write a fact file outlining the importance of healthy living and the basic needs of animals, including humans.

In reading, pupils will continue to develop comprehension skills, learning how to infer and recall facts from a text. They will discuss and clarify the meanings of words, linking new meanings to known vocabulary during discussions about books where pupils will become more familiar with a wider range of stories, fairy stories and traditional tales.


Year 2 will continue to have PE on Thursdays; all pupils are expected to bring in their PE kits with names clearly labelled.



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