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Year 2: Ruby and Scarlet

Year 2

Our Power of Reading book for the beginning of the Spring Term is going to be “A Walk in London”. It tells the story of a girl and her mum walking through London and all the things they see. This book will support Year 2 with their exciting DT topic where they will using mechanisms to create their own moving model of a bus.


Our English focus is going to be punctuation. When should we use question marks? When are commas useful? How should we use the illusive apostrophe? All these questions will be answered and pupils will to show off their knowledge by writing a leaflet re-capping why it is important to look after our world.


In maths, pupils will be looking at subtraction, using money and measurement. They will start by learning the basic rules of subtraction, like the bigger number has to go before the smaller number, before moving on to identifying the different coins and how they all relate to each other. After that pupils will measure 2D objects by their length and height.


Year 2 will be learning about habitats and food chains in science. We’ll look at the homes of animals both big and small and how animals sharing a habitat interact. We’ll discover who are the predators and who are the prey, and maybe see how certain fictional beasts would fit into real world habitats.


In humanities, pupils will be going back in time to one of the most influential moments in England’s history: the Great Fire of London. This links nicely with our power of reading book, as many of the places visited in our book were affected by the Great Fire. Pupils will be investigating the causes of the fire and the impact it has had on the city going forward.


The knowledge pupils have taken on from learning about organising data in the Autumn Term will be helpful going forward as the next computing topic is presenting ideas. Pupils will be taking data of they have created and be finding the most effective way of presenting this.


Pupils will also be embarking on their first Design Technology topic. Connected with our power of reading book, pupils will be attempting to build a toy version of a London bus. They will be examining what real buses are made of and comparing them with buses around the world. Then pupils will build their own bus using their knowledge.


The focus in PSHE this half term will be living in the wider world, specifically, considering what jobs people do. Pupils are going to learn why people do different jobs and the importance of those jobs.


In RE pupils will discover the differences between religious buildings and if the building designs have significance to the followers of each religion.


Year 2 will continue to have PE lessons on Mondays, therefore all pupils are expected to come dressed in the correct PE kit on the day. We would also ask parents and carers to ensure that all items of clothing are named to help if an item is lost.

Year 2 SATs Tests

Parents and carers should be aware that pupils in Year 2 will sit Key Stage 1 assessments in May 2023. The school will arrange a meeting for parents and carers to attend in the Spring Term with information about the assessments and how these are used to support teacher assessment.

For pupils in Year 2 who did not sit the Phonics Screening Test in Year 1 or who did not meet the required standard, this assessment will be carried out in the week beginning 12th June 2023.

For further information about these assessments, please visit https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/key-stage-1-and-2-national-curriculum-tests-information-for-parents