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Year 5: Amber and Saffron


Year 5


Welcome back to Edward Pauling where pupils will be learning many exciting new things! We aim to achieve more than ever this term.


In English this term, our power of reading book is ‘Viking Voyagers’ where pupils will step back in time to find out what Viking life was like, how they travelled, where they traded and their rich mythology. Pupils will use these ideas in English to create relative clauses and use commas to stop ambiguity.


In regards to maths lessons, pupils will mainly focus on their understanding of decimals and percentages. They will look at how to convert between fractions and percentages, as well as looking at units of measure and how to solve multi-step word problems involving these concepts.


In history, pupils will study the history of the Anglo Saxons and Vikings and their importance to modern British society. We will primarily focus on who the Vikings were, their culture and lifestyle, how they integrated with the local population and what legacy they left behind. This topic will link into our power of reading book.


During Design and Technology, pupils will learn about Viking vegetables and create their own dish. Pupils will carry out research into the different vegetables, write a recipe then make the dish themselves, evaluating what could have been done differently.


In MfL lessons, pupils will continue to learn Spanish with a focus on the topic of ‘Vacaciones’ which focuses on different holiday destinations.


In computing this term, pupils will learn about algorithms and begin to create more complicated ones using different software packages.


During RE, pupils will carry out research to answer the question ‘What is the most important thing that has ever happened and what made it important?’


As a reminder, homework will continue to go out every Wednesday and it is to be completed by the following Tuesday. Pupils are also expected to wear the correct PE kit every Thursday.


Please also keep an eye on the school’s website for updates and ‘Wow Work’.


If you have any questions, please feel free to speak to any member of the Year 5 team.


We look forward to an excellent Spring term!