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Wow Work Of The Week Archive: 2014 - 2015

Patrick in Year 6 wrote an outstanding narrative based in the Rainforest. Well done!

In Year 1, Estere has created a wonderful picture of the rainforest using paint and other materials and has also created a briliant poster to encourage people to 'Save the Jaguar'. George M has created a beatiful rainforest picture using textured card and natural materials.

In Year 5, Monisha, Gabriel and Sololia have used a range of writing techniques to engage the reader into their story.

In Year 3, Shuaib has been ordering decimals in Numeracy. Aarush created a meal plan for an ahtlete.

Theo worked super hard for her homework and created a 3D model of a chocolate factory. Absolutely outstanding!

In Year 4, In IPC we used secondary research to learn about deforestation; we learnt about the impact it has on the environment. We also researched the history of chocolate from when the Mayans discovered it up until it arrived in Britain.

In Year 4, In Literacy, we have been creating play-scripts for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We know the main features are the setting, the character description, the story so far and the dialogue. In Maths we have been adding and subtracting to 2 decimal places. We solved word problems in regards to money and used RUCSAC to help us.

In Emerald Class, we were lucky enough to get a new board in our classroom. Here we are using all the Maths tools available on Active Inspire - We were using the interactive ruler to measure polygons to find out if they are regular or irregular.

In Reception, we have been learning all about different dinosaurs - drawing them and describing them. We have also been sorting buttons in a variety of ways and adding using bears.

In year 1, Yasmin wrote a letter to persuade pupils to come to Edward Pauling! Well done! Maya B included brilliant reasons for why pupils should come to Edward Pauling in her letter!

In Year 1, Harvey has been working hard this week to use his knowledge of division to solve 1/4 of an amount. Sofia and Amanda wrote an excellent persuassive letter this week to try and persuade a pupil to come to Edward Pauling. Kaiden wrote an outstanding description of what he see's on his way to school, trying hard to include conjunctions.

Rickh in Nursery wrote this outstanding account of the Nursery Bear Hunt. Well done Rickh!

In Year 6, Mya, Abigail and Jake planned, edited and wrote outstanding adventure stories. Amy-Louise used figurative language to introduce a character in her story.

Lamer in Year 5 produced a performance poem including the features that they have been focusing on this week. Hanan in Numeracy, calculated the area of a triangle and presented it in the given format. Well done!

In Year 3, Chloe created a wanted poster using accurate description. Tendo wrote a newspaper article during creative curriculum week. Afiya applied her maths knowlegde to solve problems. Well done!

In Year 5, Kacper has been using his timestables to help him find the area of shapes. Riley has written a performance poem about going on a journey. Well done!

Daniel in Year 1 has been using a number square to find the missing number in addition problems. Well done!

Taffarigh in Year 1 has identified features of instructional texts and presented his work beautifully. Well done!

In Year 6 we researched liberty and democracy within the UK. We looked at how they are represented and how they have changed over the years. We presented our findings to the rest of the class.

For her homework, Jordan in Ruby Class has researched different clothes worn around the world and has present her work using the computer. Well done!

Scarlett in Ruby Class, has created her own holiday brochure to Tobago and has been using her sounds when spelling new words. Well done!

In Literacy we created a holiday brochure for Russ, to try and persuade him to go there on his travels. Rohyann created an outstanding piece of writing!

Afonso in Ruby Class used a map to fill in the missing steps in his instructions.

David in year 1 wrote a weather report in IPC and described what the weather is like in Russia, Philipines, India and Mexico. David made suggestions as to what people should wear in these countries.

Cyrus is Year 1 has been looking at materials in Science. In this lesson, Cyrus was describing what different materials feel like and what they are used for.

Konrad in Scarlett Class has been looking at directions and learning left and rights in Numeracy. Konrad wrote an excellent set of instructions to direct someone from the pirate ship to the skull and crossbones.

Isaac in Year 2 wrote an amazing piece of writing today! Well done!

For his homework, Daniel in Ruby Class has found a range of materials in his house and has collated his information in a tally. Well done!

Sarah in Ruby Class has been writing her own directions to direct a friend to an object on a map. Well done!

Shannon in Year 6 wrote this amazing poem about our 'Oustanding' school!

David re-told the story of 'Gregory Cool' in his Big Write. Well done for using time words, conjunctions and for writing in the past tense.

Tia in Ruby Class has been describing different materials and explained what they are used for. she used commas in a list and adjectives. Well done!

Jake in Year 6 has been investigating how electrical circuits work in Science.

Mya in Year 6 has been able to show her calculations when converting time. Well done!

Ami in Year 6 has been planning for her explanation text.

Year 3 have been worked very hard! Leona has produced a monologue, Arwa wrote a rock report in IPC and Zackariya partitioned five digit numbers in Numeracy!

Year 3 created limericks for Healthy Living Day!

Veer in Year 5 wrote a persuasive letter using effective language. Well done!

Year 5 challenged themselves with BODMAS!

Year 6 were looking at what percentage of daily calories will you get from five portions of fruit or vegetables!

Jessica in Year 5 has been using persuasive language to consider both sides of the argument about school uniform. Layla has been planning a Science experiment based around the factors that effect the speed that objects move. Dylan has been learning how to add fractions.

Year 6 compared the celebrations of the Edo Tribe to modern society

Panaioti in Year 4 investigated place value. Chloe in Year 4 used her times table knowledge to work out Division problems.

Rebecca C and Leanna in Year 4 carried out a science experiment about solids, liquids and gases. They have also recorded their results.

Carmen and zara in Year 4 described the emotions of a historical character and compared them to today's life.

Kaiden in Scarlett Class used the conjunction 'but' to compare countries from the book 'Gregory's Cool'. Well done!

Yasmin in Ruby Class has created her own uniform for the school. She included a shirt and tie so it was smart.

Daniel has been investigating the best way to grow a healthy plant. He recorded his prediction, method and what he found out. Well done!

Mark in Ruby Class has been learning about division and hwo to share equally. Well done

Phoebe, Charlie and Tyler created these masterpieces for their holiday homework. Amazing!

Muffadal in Blue Class has done some amazing writing!

Ayesha, Year 3, was examining T-Rex's teeth in IPC

Aarush in year 3, in Numeracy was very busy creating multiplication trios for the 4 times table

Saruna, year 3, in Numeracy was solving problems involving multiplication and division facts in 4 times table

Ayesha in year 3, looked at the parts of a flower in Science.

In numeracy Jessica in Coral Class has excelled in reducing ratio to its simplest forms and presents her method clearly and concisely.

During the past week in numeracy year 6 have been learning how to present data. Arman correctly identified and presented a maths problem he was given in the form a line graph.

As part of Year 6 AD900 IPC topic, Zyion in Year 6 created his own version of a Mayan calender. Zyion also decided to reserach how the Mayan calender system was used in AD900 and included an in-depth analysis of this.

Phoebe in Year 1 designed and created a party invitation for Miss Collier! Well done!

Year 5 looked at the life process of plants.

Year 5 investigated Greek and Roman art and created their own!

Year 5 were learning about the important journeys animals make

In Year 1 our Science topic is Plants. Julia made a prediction as to what she thought our focus tree would look like in Autumn and then drew a picture of what it actually looked like.

In Literacy in Year 1, we have been reading the story Handas Surprise. In this lesson, we were writing questions about what fruits Handa's friend Akeyo may like. Some children were using alliteration and others were using adjectives to describe the fruits that were being given.

In numeracy in Year 1 we have been focusing on clocks and telling the time, we were reading the time and drawing the arms onto the clocks.

Jordan in Ruby Class has been using commas in a list to describe the fruit in Handa's suprise! :)


Come back to see amazing 'WOW' work!

Daniel in Ruby Class has been learning how to tell the time on an anologue clock! Well done! :)

Tia in Ruby Class has presented all of her World War 2 homework in a fanatastic booklet! Well done!

Estere in Ruby Class has created her very own suitcase and included things that she would bring as an evacuee.

Peter in year 5 has written an amazing poem, considering how it feel to be a soldier in World War 2.

Year 6 researched life in the cities and countryside during WW2 and compared the two locations. We looked at the dangers and safety aspects of both of them and produced information posters.

Here is a selction of some amazing homework from Indigo Class

David in Scarlett Class created an Evacuee suitcase as part of his half term homework. Well done David!

Year 6 researched about evacuees during WW2 and presented their information independently

Sean, in year 6, used descriptive language to describe the emotions of evacuees shown in a photograph.

Year 6 have been looking at the roles of men and women on the frontline during WWI. Evan wrote in role of an employer who was giving a reference about one of his soldiers. Outstanding Evan!

Rayah has written her own ending to the story 'Bear' and has included time words to help show the order of the story.

Callum has created his own musical instrument using a coconut shell for his homework! Well done!!

Raayed has been describing a fantasy setting using adjectives. Well Done!

Daniel has been using adjectives to describe a character's emotion. He has also rememered to use the 5 steps to a perfect sentence! Well done!

Amanda in Year 1 has been busy at home making cakes! This is her homework! Amazing Amanda!

Alex and Ryan in Year 6 created this outstanding presentation on crime!

Maya B has been helping the Magic Toymaker sort out his toy for his new Toyshop. She sorted them into different groups: Pink Toys, Blue Toys, Boys and Girls' Toys and Soft Toys

Maya O has designed a beautiful Teddy House for her homework. Well done!

Abigail in Year 6 wrote this outstanding Mystery story!

Joshua and Julia in Year 5 have created a guide to basic astronaut training!

Ruby Class have been working on creating their own labels for the toys they have brought in for the Magic toymakers work shop.