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Rainbow Nursery

The teachers are excited to meet all the pupils starting in Rainbow Nursey this Year and we look forward to a fabulous year of learning ahead.


The main focus for the start of this half term will be settling the pupils into a regular routine and encouraging them to become independent learners and individuals.


The focus text this term is ‘Oh no, George!’. George is a dog who wants to be good but doesn’t always make the right choices. This story encourages prediction and invites participation from listeners. It also provides a platform to discuss making the right choices.

Within the learning environment, pupils will have the opportunity to talk about pets they may have or would like to have and share their family lives with their peers. They will find out about similarities between themselves and others.


In Literacy, there is a strong focus this term on listening skills and sound-making. Pupils will begin to distinguish between different sounds whether environmental, instrumental or vocal. They will then progress to oral blending and segmenting speech.

Pupils will begin to find meaning in print within their environment and recognise familiar words and logos. Pupils will learn to recognise their own name and be encouraged to mark-make using a variety of media such as pencils, paint, and sand in order to represent letters.


In Mathematics, the pupils will become familiar with numbers and counting. They will practice these skills through every day experiences, such as counting toys or blocks. They will use number rhymes and songs to support their learning and will be provided with lots of practical opportunities to embed these skills.


In Art, pupils will have the opportunity to use a variety of media, such as the use of clay or junk modelling, to create pieces of art based around pets.


This term, the role play area in Nursery is a ‘Veterinary Surgery’ where the pupils will have the opportunity to act out a real life experience. They will take on the role of a veterinary surgeon or a veterinary nurse and treat sick animals. In the outdoor area the theme will be continued with animal housing for sick animals.

As you can see, we will be ensuring that all our pupils enjoy a stimulating learning environment that fosters a love of learning.


In regards to clothing, to avoid loss of uniform, we advise that all clothes are labelled with each child’s name and class.


We are looking forward to a very exciting first term!


We Love School!