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Year 3: Indigo and Lilac

This half term the Power of Reading book in Year 3 is ‘UG’ by Raymond Briggs. This wonderfully illustrated book teaches children about the development of early humanity.


In Literacy, pupils will cover a range of genres including fictional writing, diary entries, instructional writing and shape poetry. To enhance their writing the pupils will focus on specific features suited to the text types including the use of pronouns, noun phrases and paragraphs. Children will also learn the skill of evaluating and editing their work.


In Numeracy, the pupils will use their knowledge of place value to count in multiples of 4, 8 and 50, as well as finding 10 or 100 less than any number. The children will spend a good amount of the term looking at multiplication and division. They will use this knowledge to solve real life problems in context.


In Humanities, linked to ‘UG’, our topic is called ‘Stone age to Iron age’. This topic focuses on looking at Prehistoric Britain and investigating what that period in history was like for the people that lived through it. The pupils will investigate different archaeological remains!


In Science, the pupils investigate rocks and fossils. They will identify different types of rocks and their origins. They will investigate fossils and understand how we know that they use to be living things. The children will end the term by identifying different types of soil!


PE for Year 3 will be on Wednesday morning but we do ask that children always have a PE kit in school every day in case there is a temporary change to the timetable.


We look forward to the exciting term ahead!


We Love School!


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