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Year 1: Aqua and Sapphire

Welcome back to school for a very exciting first half term that covers a wide range of challenging learning goal.


This half term our Power of Reading book is ‘Ambrose Goes for Gold’. As a depiction of a brave insect that decides to compete in the Olympics, the story reflects the importance of perseverance and finding one’s own talent.


In Literacy, the pupils will write captions, character descriptions and retell stories. The pupils will continue to develop their understanding of accurate sentence structure and punctuation. We will also develop our use of descriptive language and chronological order to structure events in our stories.


Our focus in Numeracy this term is on number and place value. With a particular focus on counting, the pupils will use a variety of objects and resources to support their learning. Using their knowledge of counting, the pupils will be able to apply this to addition and in the use of money. The pupils will investigate shapes and their properties - identifying and recognising 2D and 3D shapes within different shapes and orientations.


In Science, the pupils will investigate materials and their properties. This will enable them to identify and name a variety of everyday materials based on their properties and uses, culminating in a test to decide the best material needed to make a medal.


In Humanities, we will study the ‘First Olympics’, looking at how this historic event impacted the modern Olympics. A focus will be the important events that took place during those Olympics; making comparisons between that and more recent competitions. We will use words and phrases that identify similarities and differences between how people lived their lives in different periods of time.


PE is every Monday afternoon. Pupils must have the appropriate kit. In regards to clothing, to avoid loss of uniform, we advise that all clothes are labelled with each child’s name and class.


We look forward to an outstanding Autumn term ahead!


We love School!

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