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Reception: Red and Blue

We are looking forward to an outstanding first half term of learning in Reception. While an important part of this first half term will be helping the children to settle into regular routines, the children will be encouraged and supported to learn independently as they begin their journey along the Reception curriculum.


Our focus text this term is ‘Here’s a Little Poem.’ This collection of fictional poems explores ideas around the theme of: ‘All about Me!’ The pupils will be encouraged to talk with their peers about their interests and family lives. They will learn how their own lives are both similar and different to the lives of their friends. As part of the theme ‘learning to live together’ they will also learn about different cultures and religious celebrations.


In Literacy, the pupils will build on their phonics knowledge through the scheme ‘Read Write Inc.’ This scheme helps the children to learn the sounds associated with each letter of the alphabet and then to use these letter sounds in their writing. The pupils will learn to recognise their own name as well as familiar words to support their reading. Writing is a vital part of the learning in Reception, the development of which is practised through activities with family pictures, birthday cards, party invitations and shopping lists.


In Maths, the pupils will learn to recognise and order numbers up to 20 as well as develop accurate counting strategies. The pupils will practice these skills through every day experiences enacted out in the ‘Role Play’ areas. For example, pupils could be asked to recognise and count out the correct number of coins to pay for medicine within the ‘Role Play’ area. To assist in this learning, number rhymes will be used for early calculation and for finding one more and one less than a number. This term the children will explore 2D and 3D shape names and properties as well.


Role play areas in Reception are very important for the pupils, as they provide a contextual environment for them to develop the skills they are learning during carpet time. This half term, the ‘Role Play’ area in Reception will be a Hospital. In order to create context for their writing, the pupils will have the opportunity to take on the role of doctors and nurses such as making notes and writing prescriptions for the sick patients. Another ‘Role Play’ area that the children will have the opportunity to explore is the Baby Clinic. In the Mechanics roleplay area outside, the pupils will have the opportunity to use car parts and tools to fix the cars.


In Art, pupils will draw and paint their own self-portraits, using their control of pencil and colour for line and form. Paint is used in many areas of the pupils’ learning in order to develop their engagement with new ideas as well fine motor skills.


We are looking forward to an exciting term ahead.


We love school!