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Reception: Red and Blue

This term in Reception our focus Power of Reading book will be ‘Biscuit Bear.’ During a baking session with his mum, Horace makes Biscuit Bear, but despite all his best efforts, he is made to wait until the next day to eat him. In the middle of the night however, the bear comes to life and finding himself alone decides to make some friends of his own, using flour, butter and sugar to make a whole circus of delectable friends. And so the fun begins until it attracts the attention of a hungry visitor…


Through our Literacy lessons the pupils will look at recipes and will read instructions to find out how to make their own Biscuit Bear. The pupils will learn how to write a shopping list and will write a set of instructions to explain how to make a biscuit. The pupils will also have the opportunity to use their instructions to make their own biscuit and decorate it!


In Maths the pupils will explore measures, focussing on weight and capacity. The pupils will learn to use mathematical language such as ‘heavier’, ‘lighter’, ‘full’ and ‘empty’ to compare and solve problems. When baking the pupils will use cup measurements and weighing scales to weigh the correct amount of ingredients they need. Through our Maths lessons, the pupils will also be introduced to subtraction and will learn to find out how many are left in a group when some have been taken away. The pupils will use biscuits to explore this concept, for example: how many biscuits are left when 2 have been eaten? They will learn to solve simple problems such as sharing and doubling in practical ways using biscuits.


Through the book ‘Biscuit Bear’, the pupils will explore the topic ‘Sweet Treats’. The pupils will have the opportunity to discuss and learn about why it is important to go to the Dentist and what happens at a Dentist. Pupils will learn about healthy eating and how to look after their teeth through our Dentist role play area. The pupils will have reading and writing opportunities throughout the experience such as exploring non-fiction books and leaflets about dental care and writing appointment cards and prescriptions for the patients. In our Literacy lessons we will write an explanation text to explain why it is important to brush your teeth. In the role play area, the pupils will use 1p coins to pay for their dental treatments such as a check-up or an x-ray and will learn to recognise numerals and count out quantities accurately. The pupils will have a visit from the school nurse to talk about how to look after and clean their teeth. We are looking forward to hearing about the pupils own experiences of visiting the Dentist!


The pupils will also create their own Bakery shop where they will be able to buy and sell cakes, moving on to other items such as sandwiches and drinks. The pupils will be able to make their own cakes using playdough and various materials to sell in the shop and can create posters to advertise their shop. The pupils will use their skills of calculation to add together the price of two items and will have the opportunity to apply their phonic knowledge to write order forms and recipes.


We look forward to lots of new learning opportunities in the term ahead!


We Love School!