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Welcome to the Rainbow Nursery!


This term in Nursery our focus Power of Reading book will be ‘No Dinner!’, a traditional tale told across the Indian sub-continent, of the story of the old woman and the pumpkin. The Nursery pupils will thoroughly enjoy learning to retell the story, using props and a story map to join in with repeated language patterns. Pupils will develop their understanding of story characters, settings and events and begin to use descriptive language to describe story events. They will develop mark making skills through the book ‘No Dinner!’ and will have the opportunity to draw pictures showing their favourite part of the story.

In Numeracy, the focus this term will be to develop pupils’ mathematical language relating to size. Pupils will learn key vocabulary (big and small) and will be able to use this language to compare and order objects according to their size. They will also continue to consolidate their skills in number, becoming confident to say number names in order to 10 and counting using 1-1 correspondence within the learning environment.

This term in Nursery, the role play area is a ‘Market’ linked to our focus text. Pupils will have the opportunity to buy and sell a range of real fruits and vegetables, including pumpkins. They will develop their mathematical skills through role play and will be able to use 1p coins to pay for items at the Market with some support. Pupils will also develop their mark-making skills, creating labels for the items in the Market and writing shopping lists.

Following on from this, in the outdoor area, pupils will make ‘Pumpkin Mud Pie’ and ‘Pumpkin Mud Soup’. They will use picture prompts to follow simple instructions in the Mud Kitchen to create their own pumpkin mud pie and soup. Pupils will have the opportunity to develop their physical skills, using real kitchen utensils to mix the ingredients and pour the mud whilst following the mud recipes.

In Phonics, pupils will be developing their awareness of alliteration and initial sounds in words. They will focus on hearing sounds s, a, t in words and naming and sorting objects by their initial sound.

Finally, in preparation for our Christmas Production, pupils will be working hard this term to learn to sing and join in with familiar Christmas songs.

We look forward to lots of exciting learning opportunities in the new term ahead.

We Love School!