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This term in Nursery, the focus Power of Reading book is ‘The Naughty Bus.’  The book is about a young boy who receives a toy bus as a present and has great fun exploring the world with it. As the story develops, pupils realise it turns out to be quite a naughty bus – or is it the boy being naughty? This is a unique picture book with a story told through close up photography and mainly narrated by the toy bus.

Through the book, pupils will recreate some of the scenes from the story using props e.g. the tall buildings and traffic in London, the bus queue and much more. Pupils will be able to retell parts of the story in their own words as they recreate these scenes using their imagination.

In Music, the pupils will learn to sing ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ keeping with the theme of their book and they will create a new version to the same tune together but instead changing the words to ‘The Naughty Bus.’ You can practise at home too!

The role play area focus this term will be a ‘Tourist Information Centre’ linked to the focus text. Pupils will have the opportunity to learn all about the local area and decide which destination they would like to travel to and which mode of transport they will use. They will also develop their mark making skills, creating tickets and maps of the local area, and will begin to recognise familiar signs and logos. Number recognition and counting skills will also be a focus, using 1-1 correspondence to count out the correct number of coins needed for a journey.

In the outdoor area, the role play area will be developed into bus station and a bus where the pupils can act out driving the bus, collecting the tickets or taking a journey on a bus. In the construction area, pupils will be able to use a range of resources to create their own types of transport e.g. a car, a bus or a train and, in the Mud Kitchen, pupils will make food and drinks at the ‘Bus Station Café’.

Following on from this, in Numeracy, the focus will be to develop pupils’ mathematical language of shape. Pupils will learn to recognise and name 2D shapes and will use everyday language such as straight and round to compare and sort shapes. There will be opportunities to use shapes to create arrangements and match shapes to create pictures. Pupils will learn to choose shapes appropriately and for a purpose e.g. selecting circle shapes for the wheels on a car.

In Phonics, pupils will be learning to distinguish between initial sounds in words and will begin to recognise letter shapes in response to letter sounds. You can help your child at home by playing games such as ‘I spy’ to develop their phonological awareness of sounds in words.

Thank you for the continued support in developing the skills to dress independently by teaching your child how to put on their coat, hat, scarf and gloves.

Pupils are looking forward to lots of exciting learning opportunities ahead!