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This term in Nursery our focus Power of Reading book is ‘Bedtime for Monsters’.  ‘Bedtime for Monsters’ is Ed Vere's hilarious monster tale - with a big twist!


Do you ever wonder if somewhere, not too far away, there might be monsters? What if this monster wanted to eat you and was making his way from his home in the hills towards you in your cosy home? Watch out as he bicycles through a dark and terrible forest, crosses a gloopy, schloopy swamp, climbs cold and snowy mountains and up the stairs into your house…

Through the book, pupils will be given the opportunity to recreate some of the scenes from the story using props e.g. recreating the forests, cities, gloopy mud, etc. Pupils will be able to retell parts of the story in their own words as they recreate these scenes using their imagination. They will also have the opportunity to use their imagination to create their own monster using various creative materials and will learn new vocabulary to describe the monster they have created. Pupils will then be able to create their own story for their monster.

Through our topic, Nature, pupils will learn about living things in different habitats and will learn to show care for living things and the environment. Using the outdoor areas in our school and the local area, pupils will have the opportunity to talk about and compare things they have observed such as plants and animals. Pupils will learn about new habitats such woods, mountains, caves and the animals that live in these habitats.


In Phonics this term, pupils will continue to learn the letter sounds and will develop their blending and segmenting skills using CVC words e.g. pat, mat, sit. They will continue to practise forming recognisable letters and will focus in particular on writing their own name from memory.

The role play area focus this term will be a ‘Pizza Shop’ linked to our focus text. Pupils will have the opportunity to explore the local area and decide which type of pizza they would like to buy. They will develop their mark making skills, writing the initial sound of each pizza they will buy on their shopping list and will develop their skills in number by recognising prices. Pupils will progress to sorting out sizes of pizzas such small, medium and big/large.


Following on from this, in Numeracy, the focus will be to develop pupils’ mathematical language of length. Pupils will learn to understand the terminology ‘short’ and ‘long’ and will begin to identify short and long objects in the environment. Pupils will begin to use the comparative language of ‘shorter’ and ‘longer’ to compare the length of two objects. Alongside this, pupils will continue to develop their number recognition and counting skills based on their individual needs.


We look forward to lots of exciting learning opportunities ahead!


We Love School!