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Year 3: Indigo and Lilac

Year 3


During this half term, Year 3 will be introduced to the new Power of Reading book, ‘African Tales’ which is an intriguing book that contains eight African tales. Each demonstrates the richness of African culture - filled with wonderful illustrations and packed with information.


In Literacy, we will use this book to enhance our learning and to create fables, stories from other cultures and our own poems. We will continue to develop our overall writing skills, as we bring together all the knowledge that we have learnt in the first two terms in Literacy.


In Numeracy this term, Year 3 will continue developing their knowledge of adding and subtracting money. We will use real life scenarios such as setting up a shop to ensure the pupils can apply these skills in their everyday life. Not only this, but Year 3 pupils will be focusing on shape. We will explore 2D and 3D shapes by discussing their properties - they will learn in detail about the types of lines that make up these shapes and how they can be categorised. Afterwards, we will move on to position and direction, learning how to move points and shapes around a set of axes.


In Humanities, pupils will explore the ancient world of the ancient Egyptians. Here we will investigate, compare and ask questions about the life of the ancient Egyptians, looking closely at their way of life, their traditions such as mummification and their beliefs in gods. We will research the social hierarchy and imagine life in those days for the slaves and the pharaohs.


In the Summer Term, Design and Technology will be introduced on a weekly basis. This half term the focus will be on deepening design skills weekly to where pupils are able to recreate an Egyptian Pharaoh’s mask.


In Science, pupils will continue the ‘Animals Including Humans’ topic. We continue to learn about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and the impact it can have on our lives. We will also look at how our bodies are constructed.


We would like to remind parents that arrangements for PE and Swimming will be exactly the same as in Spring Term, so please ensure the correct kit is in school at the correct times.


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