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Year 3: Indigo and Lilac


Year 3

This half term the pupils in Year 3 will learn many topics across all subjects through their Power of Reading book, Charlotte’s Web, which is a wonderful book about unlikely friendships. This book will be used to enhance learning within Literacy, Humanities and Science.

In Literacy, pupils will continue to explore a wide range of text types. They will return to fictional writing where they will write in role from the point of view of a character within a text, retelling major events. Here pupils will focus on writing in the first person and viewpoints within their narrative writing. They will continue to develop the skill of organising a text appropriately into paragraphs to aid cohesion. Additionally, pupils will embed the skills of proof reading and making meaningful additions to writing in order to engage the reader.

In Numeracy, pupils will start their learning this half term with fractions. Within this, pupils will be able to identify and count in tenths, understanding tenths are one whole split into ten equal parts. From this, Year 3 will apply their knowledge of fractions to other unit fractions and add and subtract fractions with the same denominator. Pupils will learn that fractions can apply to numbers and sets of objects not just one whole.

In Humanities, the topic is the countryside. Pupils will explore the physical and human features that are found within the countryside and compare city life to more rural settings. In addition to this, pupils will have the opportunity to explore maps, creating their own basic maps using a key to identify features. During this, the pupils will look at the features and impact of the countryside on everyday life and will create persuasive writing about why people should visit the countryside.

In Science, pupils will explore plants. They will have the opportunity to make observations and carry out tests investigating the best conditions for flowers and plants. Here pupils will make predictions from the knowledge they have gained across the topic and what plants need to survive and be healthy. In addition, they will look in depth at the different processes that occur in the plant lifestyle including germination, pollination and dispersal.

Year 3 will continue to have PE with Lilac Class swimming on a Wednesday morning so please ensure that your child has a clearly labelled kit on that day.

Once again we would like to thank you for your support throughout the Autumn Term and our pupils are looking forward to a successful Spring Term.