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Reception: Red and Blue




This term in Reception the Power of Reading book focus is ‘Stanley’s Stick’. Through the book ‘Stanley’s Stick’, pupils will explore the topic ‘Seasons’, looking closely at similarities and differences in seasons, as well as patterns and changes which occur in the environment with activities such as an autumn walk. Pupils will focus on colour changes throughout the seasons and will be introduced to mixing paint to create different shades of autumn colours. Pupils will have an opportunity to explore the art work of Andy Goldsworthy and will use natural objects to create their own collages and sculptures.


In Literacy, pupils will continue to develop their phonic knowledge beginning to apply their learning to read and write simple words and form simple captions. Pupils will create and label story maps to help retell the story of ‘Stanley’s Stick’, using their imaginations to create their own ‘stick’ story. Pupils will look at the use of speech and thought bubbles to support their story writing opportunities. Throughout the learning environment there will be many additional opportunities for pupils to develop their writing skills, such as creating and labelling a plan for a model in the construction area.


In Numeracy, pupils will develop their mathematical language to describe and compare length and height. Pupils will have the opportunity to compare sticks and order them according to their length as well as a range of other autumn objects like leaves and pine cones. All pupils will be encouraged to explain and reason why they have ordered objects in their chosen way. They will learn the language of ‘longer’, ‘shorter’, ‘longest’ and ‘shortest’ before moving onto measuring weight using non-standard units such as cubes. Throughout the term our pupils will consolidate number recognition and how to order to 20 before early calculation is introduced through doubling.


Our focus role play areas this term will be a ‘Coffee Shop’ and a ‘Clothes Shop.’ As part of these role play experiences, pupils will have the opportunity to take part in a real life experience. They will have to pay for the service they require, whether it is buying coffee or using the correct number of 1p coins to buy a new scarf and this will add further opportunities for the application of numeracy and literacy skills.


We look forward to lots of new learning opportunities in the term ahead!


We love school!