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Reception: Red and Blue




This term in Reception, our focus Power of Reading book is ‘Yucky Worms.’

This is the story of a grandmother who finds a worm in her garden and shows it to her grandson. She begins to teach him about these creatures, with lots of facts about worms such as how worms help the earth and plants, what worms eat, and which animals eat worms.


In Literacy, pupils will focus on non-fiction texts by exploring the similarities and differences between non-fiction and fiction. Pupils will have the opportunity to predict what they think will happen in the story and explain their reasoning. They will explore, identify and label the different parts of the worms. This will lead to writing fact files about mini-beasts. Pupils will then be able to develop instructional writing about caring for mini-beasts. They will work on developing their sentence writing to create a sequence of instructions in chronological order.


In Numeracy, pupils will explore positional language to be able to describe the location of the worms they find while exploring. Through our topic work, pupils will consolidate their knowledge of mathematical language of length to compare and describe similarities and differences between the growth of worms. They will also consolidate their mathematical knowledge of addition and subtraction through the use of word problems.


Through the Power of Reading book, pupils will explore the topic ‘Mini-beasts.’ They will have the opportunity to discuss and learn about mini-beasts and their habitats. Pupils will be able to learn about how to make observations of animals and plants and to be able to explain why some things occur, and talk about changes.


Through our role play areas, pupils will further their knowledge of mini-beasts with a vet surgery and an investigation lab. They will have the opportunity to develop their reading skills through the use of labels, signs and books in the role play areas. Pupils will have the opportunity to write receipts, forms, and create their own texts to support their learning in Literacy through these areas. The pupils will continue to use 2p coins to pay for the items they purchase in the role play areas.


This term, pupils will continue to have a PE lesson every Friday morning. It is essential that pupils have their PE kit in school with the correct change of clothing for every lesson. This term, pupils are focusing on fastening buttons independently and turning their clothes the right way out. Please support this at home to help develop their independence further.


We look forward to lots of new learning opportunities in the term ahead!