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Year 4: Jasper and Emerald

Year 4

The Power of Reading book this half term in Year 4 is ‘The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane’ which is the story of a much-loved china rabbit that falls overboard on a sea voyage and, through the course of the story, learns to love and be loved.


In Literacy, the main focus for the half term is adventure stories and how the pupils can use fronted adverbials within their writing to add interest and engage the reader. Pupils will also look at newspaper articles and write their own examples, focusing on adding detail to continue in their efforts as writers to engage the reader.

In addition, pupils will write fictional recounts, considering the impact of their language and how they can improve their writing by adding specific detail for purpose.


In Numeracy, pupils will study the formal multiplication method; using place value and already known facts to also multiply and divide two-digit and three-digit numbers. They will then progress onto investigating multiplication and division word problems, using the formal written method to identify the processes involved in answering a word problem. In addition, pupils will learn to read Roman numerals to 100 (I to C) and know that, over time, the numeral system changed to include the concepts of zero and place value, explaining each of their purposes.

In Science, Year 4’s topic is ‘Sound’. Pupils will study how sounds are made and find patterns between the pitch, volume and strength of sounds. Pupils will investigate aspects of sound, making careful observations and taking accurate measurements to enhance their scientific explanations. Further to this, they will use these results to draw simple conclusions, suggesting improvements and raising further questions to deepen their scientific enquiry sills.

The topic in Humanities is ‘A miraculous journey around Europe’. Pupils will study the continents’ countries, concentrating on their key physical and human characteristics. Pupils will use maps and atlases to locate European countries and describe their geographical features, comparing them where appropriate.


P.E. is on a Tuesday afternoon so please ensure P.E. kits are in school for this day. We encourage all parents to label all items of pupil uniform and P.E. kit with their child’s name.


We will continue to upload photos and information onto the school website throughout the year to show our pupils’ learning and their excellent work.


If you have any questions, please speak to a member of the Year 4 team.