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Year 4: Jasper and Emerald

Welcome back to a new and exciting academic year at Edward Pauling. Pupils have much to look forward to in the fun-packed year that lies ahead.

Pupils will study the Power of Reading, ‘The Adventures of Odysseus’ which explores the trials and challenges of Odysseus during Ancient Greek times.  Pupils will discuss how these Legends may have impacted and influenced the world we live in today!

In Literacy, pupils will develop the use of conjunctions within their writing, and improve the structure of their sentences.  Pupils will work to write their own Legends based on the information they have researched through the topic.  Please check our class page on the website for some of our WOW pieces! Later in the term, pupils will learn how to create a Non-Chronological Report and explore how these non-fiction reports differ in composition to Fiction texts.

In Numeracy, the pupils will re-examine place value and how this contributes to their knowledge of number. Using this knowledge, they will then progress onto rounding up to 4-digit numbers. Furthermore, pupils will add to their learning by learning the column method for both addition and subtraction, using carrying and borrowing when appropriate.  They will investigate word problems and create their own problems to challenge each other.

In Science, our topic will be: ‘States of Matter’, where pupils will classify and test materials, grouping them into solids, liquids and gases.  Using this knowledge, pupils will demonstrate and explain the behaviour of particles within each state and the impact of heating and cooling.  Pupils will investigate the process of the water cycle and how the states of matter change throughout the process.

In Humanities, pupils will study the Ancient Greeks; their lives and achievements and their influences on the western world. They will produce timelines of the Ancient Greek achievements and how their kingdom developed.  Pupils will investigate the Ancient Greek Olympics and how the games have developed into the modern Olympics.  In addition, pupils will discover the Greek Gods and their roles and responsibilities within the Ancient World.  Lastly, pupils will discuss and write a report referencing the impact the Ancient Greeks had on the modern world.

P.E will be on a Tuesday afternoon, so please ensure your child has the correct PE kit in on this day.


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