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Year 2: Ruby and Scarlet


Year 2


Year 2 are very excited to start the new year with the book ‘Beegu’ by Alexis Deacon; a picture book about a lonely alien who is far from home and who is cast out because she looks different.

In Literacy, pupils will learn to use a variety of different punctuation, to engage the reader and a thesaurus to find and select appropriate vocabulary to describe the setting and characters of the story ‘Beegu’. Pupils will also learn to discuss the sequence of the events and share opinions of the text with reference to the story. Pupils will use their reading skills to infer information about the characters in the book and apply this when re-writing the story in their own words. After this, pupils will revise the features of a diary and write their own diary from Beegu’s point of view, where pupils will describe his day using descriptive language and apply their knowledge of question marks and exclamation marks.

In Numeracy, pupils will learn to identify fractions of an amount including ½, ⅓, ¾, and ¼ and know that all fractions must be equal parts of a whole. Pupils will revise how to tell and write the time to quarter of an hour and draw the hands on a clock face to show these times. Pupils will begin solving a range of problems involving time and calculate time differences using their knowledge of mathematical vocabulary such as minutes, hours and seconds. In the second part of Spring half term pupils will identify the properties of 3D shapes, including the number of vertices, edges and faces.

In Humanities, pupils will learn about the significant event - the first moon landing. Pupils will explore when it happened and how it took place, and use historical terms to describe it. They will learn to use their research skills to find out information about Neil Armstrong and write a biography to re-tell the main events in his life. During this topic, pupils will learn to use world maps, atlases and globes to identify the countries involved in the ‘space race’ and discuss the reasons for this event.

In Science, pupils will continue to learn, compare and identify suitability of a variety of everyday materials. They will compare several materials and will be using scientific words to describe what they have seen and measured.


Year 2 will continue to have PE on Thursdays; therefore, all pupils are expected to bring in their PE kits with names clearly labelled.