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Year 2: Ruby and Scarlet

Year 2


Year 2 are very excited to start the year ahead! This year, our Power of Reading book ‘10 Things I can do to Help My World’ by Melanie Walsh will be used as a means of inspiring writing. This moral-based book will teach us how to look after our world and the impact of individuals.

In literacy, pupils will be learning about the purpose of formal letters and their features. They will then write their own letters linking to environmental problems, such as pollution. During the end of the first half of autumn term, pupils will be learning how to write a set of instructions using commands and imperative verbs.

In numeracy, pupils will use their knowledge of place value to compare and order a range of numbers in a sequence. They will also be developing strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems. Pupils will also learn the importance of estimation and how to use the inverse operation to check their answers.

Through humanities, the work of Charles Darwin will be explored and pupils will come to understand the wide reaching impact of his contributions to science. Pupils will subsequently compare the similarities and differences between ways of life in different periods and use basic geographical vocabulary to refer to key physical features including forests, valleys and vegetation. During the autumn term, Year 4 will also write a biography of Charles Darwin and a recount based on Darwin’s work. We will be learning about evolution and how Darwin evidenced his findings.


In science, Year 4 will learn about living things and their habitats. Pupils will identify different habitats and learn about the key things needed for survival. They will be developing their understanding of how changes of a habitat and affect its inhabitants. Pupils will be learning about food chains and use key vocabulary to describe the different parts of a food chain such as producer and predator.


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