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Year 5: Amber and Saffron

Year 5


Welcome back to Edward Pauling after a well-earned Easter holiday! Our Power of Reading book this term is ‘Street Child,’ a book about the challenges of life as an orphan in Victorian Britain.


In Literacy, the Power of Reading book will aid pupils in their understanding of creating continually richer, more detailed and extended paragraphs. They will also learn how to integrate dialogue effectively into narratives. Pupils will also learn how to use parenthesis to add extra information. This term, they will look at a variety of text types, including play scripts, poetry, persuasive writing and narratives. Additionally, pupils will link together all their previous learning to create outstanding pieces of writing.


In Numeracy, pupils will develop their understanding of time conversion and timetables. They will look at how this applies to using Roman numerals and solving problems involving time. Furthermore, pupils will also look at decimals and percentages and how they can be used to convey data in similar ways. Moving on to the latter part of the half term, they will be looking at solving a range of problems by applying their current knowledge.


In Humanities, pupils will study the history of the Victorians. They will focus on the life of Queen Victoria and how her reign impacted Britain and the world. They will also research the Industrial Revolution and how it changed life for people around the globe. Pupils will research how people lived in the Victorian era.


In Science, pupils will investigate the different materials they encounter each day. They will investigate and classify materials based on their properties and develop their understanding of mixtures and solutions. Pupils will have the chance to investigate their own line of questioning and perform experiments involving a range of materials.


As a reminder, homework will continue to go online every Wednesday - to be completed by the following Monday. Pupils are also expected to bring in appropriate PE kit every Wednesday.


Please also keep an eye on the school’s website for updates and also the pupils’ ‘Wow Work’.


If you have any questions, please feel free to speak to any member of the Year 5 team.


We Love School! ​

Re Day in Year 5

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