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Year 1: Aqua and Sapphire

In Year 1 this term our Power of Reading book will be ‘Ambrose goes for gold’. It is a wonderful story about a termite named Ambrose who is determined to win a gold medal at the Great Insect Games. Ambrose tries very hard but falls short in a number of competitions until he finds the perfect race for him. By the end of the story, pupils will understand how important it is to keep trying and not to give up!


In Literacy pupils will be writing for different purposes such as stories where they will be learning how to sequence events into a beginning, middle and end. Pupils will also start to develop their use of story language to engage the reader and will use their Power of Reading book as a model to support their own writing.


In Numeracy pupils will learn about number and place value, addition, money and shapes. Pupils will begin to consolidate our knowledge of numbers to and beyond 20, learning about the importance of place value and how to find one more and one less than a quantity. Pupils will continue to use pictorial representations and a range of resources to support our learning.


In Science pupils will develop their skills of working scientifically to identify, describe and classify materials. They will begin to identify the properties of various materials and will use investigations to test properties.


In Humanities pupils will look at important events in History with a particular focus on the first Olympics.  We will look at the similarities and differences between the Ancient Olympics and the modern Olympics that exist today.


PE will be every Monday afternoon and pupils must have the appropriate kit. We advise all aspects of uniform to be labelled with your child’s name and class.


We look forward to an outstanding Autumn term in Year 1.


We love School!