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Year 1: Aqua and Sapphire



Year 1


In Year 1 this term the Power of Reading focus will be ‘One Day on our Blue Planet’. It is a wonderful story about a lion cub that lives in the Savannah. The story tells us about a day in the life of the lion cub and shows us all the wonderful things he sees in the Savannah and the wonderful animals around him.


In Literacy, pupils will be writing for different purposes such as creating captions, letters and poems. They will also start to develop their use of varied punctuation through these different text types as well as building on the vocabulary and skills already learnt.


As part of the Numeracy curriculum, Year 1 will learn about number and place value, subtraction and measurement. Pupils will begin to consolidate their knowledge of numbers to and beyond 100, learning about the importance of place value and how to subtract one digit numbers. They will continue to use pictorial representations and a range of resources to support their independent learning.


In Science, Year 1 will continue working scientifically to identify, describe and classify animals. They will begin to identify the features of various animal groups and make comparisons between them.


In Humanities, pupils will have a new Geography focus where they will look specifically at the UK. Pupils will investigate and use maps, atlases and globes to discover the location of the different countries that make up the UK as well as its surrounding seas. They will also research the different geographical characteristics of the UK.


PE will be every Monday afternoon and all pupils must have the appropriate kit in school. We advise that all pieces of uniform should be labelled with your child’s name and class.


We look forward to the rest of an amazing Autumn Term in Year 1.


We love School!