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Year 1: Aqua and Sapphire



Year 1


In Year 1 this term the focus book is ‘Grace and Family’. It is a wonderful story about a girl called Grace and her family, including who they are and about a lovely trip she takes to meet her Papa who lives in Gambia.


In Literacy, pupils will be writing for different purposes such as stories, autobiographies and descriptions. They will start to develop the use of descriptive language and suffixes through these different text types, as well as building on the vocabulary and skills already learnt.


In Numeracy, pupils will learn about number and place value, subtraction, addition and problem solving. They will learn about odd and even numbers and use this to help to begin to notice patterns in numbers. In addition, they will also explore measuring weight. Pupils will continue to use pictorial representations and resources throughout their lessons.


In Science, pupils are working scientifically to identify different parts of the human body. They will begin to identify the different senses and use scientific skills to investigate how they are used!


In Humanities, the focus topic will be history with a particular focus on Florence Nightingale. Pupils will explore similarities and differences between nurses then and now and begin to explore the significance of Florence Nightingale’s role in the history of nursing.


PE will be every Monday afternoon and pupils must have the appropriate kit. It is advised that all aspects of uniform are labelled with children’s name and class.


Pupils are looking forward to an outstanding Spring term in Year 1.