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Year 5: Amber and Saffron

Welcome back to a new half term of learning! As the season changes and the days get shorter and colder we hope to cover a lot of ground and make some excellent progress in Year 5.


In Literacy, to aid the pupils in the use of fictional dialogue, this half term the pupils will read the Power of Reading book, ‘There is a boy in the Girls’ Bathroom’. The pupils will use this text and others to help plan their own writing, especially in regards to comedy narratives, discussion texts and a fictional diary entry. The pupils will specifically focus on planning and developing new ideas.


Numeracy lessons will focus on factors and multiples at the start of the half term before moving onto formal multiplication methods later on. The pupils will then begin work on division and using all these skills to solve word problems based on real life contexts.


In Humanities, the pupils will study the topographical features of maps and how they change over time. They will focus on the physical geographical features of an area and compare how it has changed over time. Additionally, they will investigate how the water cycle plays a part in these changes.


In Science, the pupils will investigate how the human body adapts and changes as it ages. They will look at what happens to the body as it moves through the major stages of life. Specifically, they will explore how the aging of organs and certain ailments can be avoided or mitigated.


As a reminder, homework will continue to go online every Wednesday and it is to be completed by the following Monday. Children are also expected to bring in appropriate PE attire every Wednesday.


Please also keep an eye on the school’s website for updates and ‘Wow Work’.


If you have any questions, please feel free to speak to a member of the Year 5 team.


We look forward to an excellent second half of the Autumn term!




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