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Welcome back to all our Nursery pupils after the Easter holiday and we hope everyone had fun learning about sustainability at home!


In Nursery this half term, we are starting a new topic of ‘Plants’! Our Power of Reading books are books related to our topic including ‘The Tiny Seed’ and ‘How Things Grow’. We will also read other plant-related stories such as ‘Jack and the Magic Beanstalk’ and ‘Stuck’. Through these stories, pupils will learn to recall some facts from books and retell parts of the story independently. They will continue to explore rhyming words in stories as well as use their phonic knowledge to identify the first sounds in words. Furthermore, pupils will continue to practise writing some or all of the letters in their names independently.


Linking to our Power of Reading texts, pupils will learn more about different plants and seasons and talk about what plants they see using a range of vocabulary. Pupils will continue to learn about the need to respect and care for the natural environment and all living things. They will also have the opportunity to grow their own cress and other plants in Nursery and to investigate what plants need to grow.


The role-play areas within the Nursery this half term will be a Plant Investigation Lab, a planting allotment and a Garden Centre for pupils to apply the knowledge that they have learned about plants and to use longer sentences to elaborate on each other’s ideas. Pupils will also be encouraged to use ‘and’ to extend their ideas when speaking to each other. Various role-play areas will provide different opportunities for pupils to embed maths and literacy skills that they have learned.


In Maths, pupils will practise counting up to 5 accurately and also learn to solve number problems with answers up to 5 using concrete objects and pictures. They will also be using pictures to continue and correct an error in an ABAB pattern (eg red flower, yellow flower, red flower, yellow flower).


As part of their learning within Expressive Arts and Design, pupils will have plenty of opportunities to draw various plants as well as to plan and express their own ideas through different materials and media such as paint and other natural materials to create different plant-themed craft.


We look forward to another half term of fun learning!


Any questions, please feel free to ask any member of the Nursery Team at the door.