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Happy New Year! A huge welcome back to all our Nursery children after the Christmas holiday and it has been exciting to find out what everyone did over the holidays!


This half term in Nursery, we are starting a new topic in ‘Space’! Our Power of Reading books will be a selection of books related to our topic including ‘On the Moon’, ‘What is the Moon?’ and ‘The Solar System for Kids’. Through these books, pupils will learn to recall information from books and use illustrations to retell what happened in stories. They will also be continuing with the Read Write Inc Set 1 sounds and beginning to identify different initial sounds in words.


Linking to our Power of Reading texts, pupils will explore jobs related to ‘Space’ and they will learn how things work, investigating using various mechanical toys in the provision. Pupils will be using a range of construction toys linked to parts of a rocket to explore different forces.


Within the Nursery setting, the role-play areas this half term will be an Astronaut School, a rocket ship and a Space Station for children to apply the knowledge and skills that they have learned about Space and to use longer sentences to elaborate their own and friends' play ideas. They will also be learning to ask more questions about the world around us as well as understanding ‘why’ questions.


Utilising the Astronaut School, pupils will be practising their counting up to 5, as well as subitising up to 3. They will learn to describe different 2D and 3D shapes and combine the shapes to create space-related objects.


As part of their learning within Expressive Arts and Design, pupils will be given the opportunity to plan and express their own ideas through different materials and media such as paint and glitter to create different Space-related crafts.


We look forward to another successful half term of fun learning!


Any questions, please feel free to ask any member of the Nursery Team at the door.