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Year 2: Ruby and Scarlet

Year 2


Year 2 will be focussing their learning around their new Power of Reading book, ‘Atlas of Adventures - Wonders of the World’ this half term. Pupils will not only be exploring the book in English and reading, but also across the curriculum.


In English, Year 2 pupils will be writing a brochure where they will learn about proof-reading and making additions to their work to help improve a piece of text that they have created. Pupils will be evaluating their work by checking their punctuation, grammar and vocabulary choice to enable them to write detailed and cohesive pieces of writing.


In Maths, Year 2 will be looking at positional and directional language and they will use these skills to read maps and give one another directions using language relating to half and quarter turns, as well as exploring clockwise and anti-clockwise movements. Pupils will then move on to interpreting and constructing simple pictograms, tally charts, block diagrams and simple tables as ways of presenting data.


In Geography, we will be learning about holiday locations. Year 2 will learn about weather and climate around the world relating to locations near and far from the Equator to the North and South Poles. Pupils will also take part in a ‘Weather around the World’ workshop to further enhance their knowledge!


In Design Technology, pupils will be developing their knowledge of designing and creating a product for a purpose. Pupils will be looking at design criteria for a souvenir and using these to create their own product.


In Music, Year 2 pupils will listen to, review, and evaluate music across a range of styles, including creating their own compositions, using their voices to show different beat patterns.


In RE, pupils will continue to look at religions from around the world. Pupils will look more closely at the religion of Christianity and see what lessons can be learnt from stories about Jesus in the Bible.


In Computing, pupils will learn how to enter and print text, save and retrieve work by using word processing programs on laptops and iPads. PSHE lessons will focus on recognising feelings.


To develop their comprehension skills, Year 2 pupils will be using their Power of Reading book to enhance their knowledge of non-fiction texts, looking at how they are structured and how they can be used. Pupils will be encouraged to check a text makes sense to them when reading and will be given strategies to use in order to do this independently.


Year 2 will continue to have PE on Tuesday; therefore, all pupils are expected to come dressed in their PE kits on the day.


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