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Year 3: Indigo and Lilac

Year 3


Welcome back to school and we hope everyone is feeling refreshed after the end of term break. As you are aware, currently school is operating under government guidance and as a result, much of our learning is now delivered via the online platform, J2e. Keeping in line with our long term plan, Year 3 will continue to offer a broad and balanced curriculum, including core and foundation subjects.


All learning resources are accessible on J2e, including a timetable outline for pupils to follow whilst learning from home, which provides guidance on how long pupils should spend completing the work set each day, and when each subject should be completed. This half term, Year 3’s topic focus will be prepositions and prefixes based on our Power of Reading book, Mystery of the Egyptian Mummy. The book is well linked to our History topic Ancient Egypt, however pupils will use the book as part of their learning in reading and writing where they will have the opportunity to practise writing in paragraphs that include different conjunctions and homophones as well as the present perfect tense.


As part of their History topic, pupils will be given the opportunity to research and learn about the greatest achievements of Ancient Egypt, which include hieroglyphics, medicine and mummification. Pupils will also get the opportunity to look at why Ancient Egyptian civilisation was based around the river Nile. 

As part of Science, pupils will be learning about the diet of different animals including humans. Pupils will get the opportunity to research what makes a healthy diet as well as researching into herbivores, omnivores and carnivores.


Pupils will continue their Spanish learning by finding out how to say the different colours. In Art and DT pupils will have the opportunity to use different hieroglyphics and learn about reed boats from Ancient Egypt and what their uses were as well as design their own.


We strongly encourage all parents to ensure pupils follow the timetable outlined to enable them to maintain their progress while working from home. Pupils who attend school will complete the same work set online as we progress through our long-term plan, which is outlined on our curriculum page.

Online and in school, teachers will continue to review pupils’ work daily and opportunities for feedback will be provided and each week, all pupils have the opportunity to win the Year 3 Star of the Week!


As usual, the school website will continue to provide regular updates, including the wonderful work pupils complete online and in school. As always, if there are any questions or if school can support with home learning on J2e in anyway, please don’t hesitate to contact the school office.


We hope that we can return to school soon and we look forward to seeing everyone again! For now, we look forward to seeing all of the wonderful work pupils complete as we move forward in the Spring term.


We Love School!