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Year 2: Ruby and Scarlet

Year 2


Year 2 will be focussing their learning around their new Power of Reading book, ‘Man on the Moon (a day in the life of Bob)’ by Simon Bartram this half term.


In English, Year 2 pupils will be writing free verse poems where they will learn about using commas in lists, and understanding how these are used to guide and give the reader clarity. They will carefully select appropriate vocabulary and using a thesaurus to broaden their descriptive language. Pupils will also practise using their editing and evaluation skills to try to improve their work. After this, they will apply their knowledge of descriptive language when writing a character description.


In maths, pupils will revise fractions of an amount including ½, ⅓, ¾,

¼ and know that all parts must be equal parts of a whole. Year 2 will also revise solving missing number problems involving measurement and using their knowledge of number bonds to support their mental calculations. In the second part of the half term, pupils will revise the properties of 3D shapes, including the number of vertices, edges and faces.


In history, pupils will learn about the significant event of Neil Armstrong landing on the Moon. They will continue developing their chronological understanding by sequencing this event along with other significant events in history. Pupils will also use their historical enquiry skills by asking and answering questions using a range of sources. They will then use a wide range of common words and phrases relating to the passing of time to write a chronological report. In addition, pupils will recall facts about this significant event when writing a newspaper report to announce Neil Armstrong’s Moon landing.


In art, pupils will be developing their knowledge and understanding of abstract art. They will learn about Peter Thorpe, an abstract artist, and use some of his pastel and chalk techniques to create their own art. Pupils will then evaluate their art and suggest ways to improve it.


During PSHE lessons, pupils will learn what helps them to grow and stay healthy.


To develop their comprehension skills, pupils will learn how to infer and recall facts from a text. They will discuss and clarify the meaning of words, linking new meanings to known vocabulary and, during discussions about books, will become more familiar with a wider range of stories, fairy stories and traditional tales.


Year 2 will continue to have PE on Tuesday therefore all pupils are expected to come dressed in their PE kits on the day.