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Year 2: Ruby and Scarlet

Year 2


This half term, Year 2 will focus their learning around ‘A Walk in London’ by Salvatore Rubbino, which is a fantastic book that tells a story but also has interesting facts about different landmarks in central London. The book is well linked to our history topic ‘The Great Fire of London’ however, pupils will use the book as part of their learning in reading and writing where they will have the opportunity to practise their inferencing skills.


In English, pupils will learn about present and past tense and how tenses are used to show when an action happened. Year 2 will also learn about apostrophes and how they could be used to show contractions. Pupils will use all the skills they have learnt this year to write personal recounts. They will ensure they are writing in the correct tense, using expanded noun phrases to catch the attention of the reader and conjunctions to explain why.


In maths, Year 2 will learn about length, height, mass, temperature, their units of measure, and to read scales with missing intervals. Pupils will also explore reasoning around addition and subtraction to justify and predict the answer to tricky questions.


In history, Year 2 pupils will learn about a significant event – the Great Fire of London. Pupils will explore when it happened and how it took place, and use historical terms to describe it. They will learn to use their research skills to find out information about London in the past and present. Pupils will write a chronological report about the Great Fire of London using a variety of sources.


In science, Year 2 will learn about food chains. Pupils will explain the difference between a producer and consumer. Then they will use this information together with their knowledge of food sources to make their own food chains to show the dependency between groups of animals. Pupils will also learn how to compare and identify the suitability of a variety of everyday materials. They will investigate several materials and use scientific words to describe what they have seen and measured during their investigations.


In design and technology, Year 2 will use their acquired knowledge about transport and different mechanisms to plan, design and create their own model bus.


Year 2 will have PE on Tuesdays, therefore all pupils are expected to come dressed in their PE kits when in school. Please ensure all uniform is clearly labelled.