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Reception: Red and Blue

Welcome to Reception! We are excited to meet all the pupils starting in Reception this year and are looking forward to a fabulous year of learning ahead.

Our main focus for the start of this half term will be settling the pupils into a regular routine and encouraging them to become independent learners and individuals.

Our focus this term will be ‘People who help us’, which pupils will explore through a collection of non-fiction texts.

In English, pupils will be introduced to our phonics scheme ‘Read Write Inc.’ Pupils will be learning the sound associated with each letter of the alphabet and will begin to use these letter sounds in their writing. They will learn to recognise their own name and familiar words to support them with their reading. Pupils will be encouraged to mark make and begin to represent sounds in words through writing activities such as lists and forms in the role play areas.

One role play area in Reception will be a ‘hospital’ where the pupils will have the opportunity to act out real life experiences. They will take on the role of doctors and nurses and will make notes and write prescriptions for the sick patients. Another role play area that pupils will have the opportunity to explore is the ‘hair salon’ in which they will learn to style hair using different techniques and tools. In the outdoor area there will be a ‘mechanics’ role play area where pupils will have the opportunity to use car parts and tools to fix the cars.

In Maths, Reception pupils will learn to recognise and order numbers up to 20 and will work on developing careful counting strategies such as 1-1 correspondence. Pupils will practise these skills through everyday experiences such as recognising and counting out the correct number of coins to pay for medicine at the hospital. We will be using number rhymes to begin early calculation, finding one more and one less than a number to 10 and will provide pupils with lots of practical opportunities to embed these skills. This term, pupils will also explore 2D and 3D shape names and properties and will learn to name and describe shapes using mathematical language.

We are looking forward to an exciting term ahead.

We Love School!