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Wow Work Of The Week Archive: 2015 - 2016


Come here to see amazing wow work!

Vinishan in Jasper class wrote a fantasy story.

Oliwier in Ruby Class wrote a non-chronological report on Polar bears.

Pola in Ruby Class was able to located hot and cold areas of the world in relation to the equator and the north and south poles.

Thomas in Ruby Class wrote a diary entry including lots of descriptive language.

Matei in Ruby Class used geographical vocabulary to describe offices, ports, harbours, factories and coats.

Zara in Scarlet used numicon to support her knowledge of number bonds.

Moses in Scarlet Class used key mathematical vocabulary to compare a range of number sentences.

Julia in Scarlet Class gathered and recorded how many minibeasts were found in the garden and put this into a pictogram.

Minza in Scarlet Class wrote up what she had observed in our science investigation

Oliver and Persia in Blue Class worked together to design a map and a set of instructions.

Dakota, Kallum and Zeina in Red Class wrote outstanding newspaper reports.

Gabbi in Ruby Class has been working with his friends to perform a play using a play script. He used stage directions to perform.

Lexi in Ruby Class applied his knowledge of the past tense and completed sentences using the correct verbs.

Kofi and Victoria in Red class wrote newspaper reports on the events on the farm from 'what the ladybird heard'.

Matthew in Red Class wrote about where food comes from and why he sorted them into those groups.

Sushi, Kielen and Nicole in Red class all wrote some descriptions of the robbers from 'what the ladybird heard'.

Oscar in Red Class made a Khanda mosaic on RE day.

Matthew and Kofi in Red Class wrote sentences about mini-beasts.

Victoria and Yuku in Red Class described mini-beasts after thier research study.

Rickh in Red Class wrote the story of the Gruffalo. Wow !

Zayn in Blue Class wrote the story of the Grufflao using narrative features in his writing.

Chantelle in Blue Class wrote the story of the Grufflao using narrative features in her writing.

Ella in Ruby Class has been estimating and measuring length with a ruler.

Edward in Ruby Class wrote a non-chronological report.

Archie in Ruby Class solved word problems involving length.

Elsie-June in Indigo made a Traditional food collage using magazine cut outs. ‚Äč

Eliza and Dean in Indigo Class wrote a formal letter as the main character of the book 'Oliver'.

Gaurav in Scarlett Class labelled the main bones in the body.

Carla in Scarlett Class investigated how to work out if a number is odd or even by working out if they share equally into two groups.

Zara in Scarlett Class used her knowledge of repeated addition to solve a multiplication problem accurately.

Saanvi and Veronika in Scarlett Class wrote OUTSTANDING letters to their parents to tell them all about their trip to the Savannah.

Jaron in Coral Class wrote an outstanding refrain poem about being homeless.

Rickh in Red Class wrote about his sentimental object.

Mason in Red Class wrote about his sentimental object.

Mia in Red Class made a recycling poster.

Krish in Ruby Class wrote a diary entry as Wall-E.

Nicola and David G in Topaz Class explained what made a good friend.

Alfie and Lexie in Ruby Class drew and explained the life cycle of a dandelion.

Willow in Red Class made herself a swimming pool out of recycled materials with a slide.

Victoria and George in Red Class measured how big books were.

Rio in Red Class used his phonics to write in the speech bubbles.

Kielen in Red Class wrote out all of his numbers.

In Reception the pupils made shopping lists for ingredients and instructions for how to make a gingerbread man.

In Year 3, during R.E. day, the children created some art work on the Hindu gods using shading pencils and oil pastels to colour them in. Mariam and Mackyi drew Ganesh, and Hafsa drew Shiva.

Yammi and Dean in Indigo Class wrote a lyric poem.

Codie in Year 1 choose an appropriate adverb to make sure that his sentences were clear and purposeful.

Saanvi in Scarlett Class used lots of fabulous adverbs in her sentences to make her writing more interesting.

Veronika in Scarlett used her research to write an excellent non-chronological report about how bees make honey.

We all agree that David from Year 2 is a talented artist!

Elena in Ruby Class was able to name the properties of 2D shapes.

Aleiha in Ruby Class wrote an explanation to explain how bees make honey.

Jessica, Alina, Monisha, Samson and Joshua in Magenta Class created a poster on Climate change and wildlife.

Agrima and Abdurrehman in Amber Class have been predicting and writing the outcome of a story.

Chloe and Aasim in Amber Class have been using their knowledge of mathematical vocabulary to solve two-step word problems.

Ella in Ruby Class has written facts about toys from the past and has compared them to toys now.

Callum and Sololia in Year 6 completed mult-step algebraic problems involving brackets.

Julia and Layla in Year 6 investigated the factors which influenced the Mayons disappearance as a civilization.

This week, Year 6 have been learning all about ancient Benin 900AD. We applied our learning in all areas of the curriculum, including literacy and art. We created Benin masks and wrote our own fictional narratives with Benin as our setting.

Jamie in Year 6 wrote an outstanding story about Benin, his IPC topic. Well done!

Stephen and Eliza in Indigo Class drew their symmetrical half of their portrait.