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Reception: Red and Blue



Welcome back, Reception!


The teachers hope that the pupils have had a lovely Christmas and a happy New Year, and are excited to start the new term with great new topics.

The Power of Reading books for this half term will be ‘Night Monkey, Day Monkey’ and ‘A Little Guide to Wild Flowers’, which will give the children insight into the natural world around them, supporting the topic of ‘Animals and their Babies’. We will be using a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction texts to support our learning even further.


In Literacy, the ‘Read Write Inc’ Phonics Scheme continue to develop pupils’ sound knowledge in both reading and writing. They will be extending their writing from initial and dominant sounds to words, captions and labels and applying this to our topic where pupils will be writing about different flowers, plants and animals.


One role play area in Reception this term will be a farm shop. Here, pupils will be reading signs and price lists, writing shopping lists and buying items. They will have the chance to take on different roles in the shop, developing their social and emotional skills as well as their communication.


Another role play area will be a Vets. Here, pupils will be using their new knowledge of animals and their babies in their play. Much like the farm shop, there will be opportunities for using money, writing and reading labels and taking on the role of a real-life professional. We will be exploring animals, their babies and where they live and using the children’s own experiences and current knowledge.


In the outdoor area there will be a florist’s shop where pupils can discover a variety of plants and flowers. They will have the opportunity to make their own pots and planters using recycled materials and to use tools safely. This will incorporate use of their fine motor and expressive art and design skills, giving pupils the chance to be creative.


Maths will continue to focus on recognising and ordering numbers to 10. Pupils’ knowledge of number will continue to develop as we look at how numbers are a ‘whole’ amount made up of ‘parts’. Pupils will be encouraged to explore patterns in number, spotting different arrangements of items that correspond to a number without the need to count them individually. Around the learning environment, maths will appear in multiple contexts, such as cost of items in the role play areas, counting resources that are needed and recognising patterns.


Pupils will continue to have opportunities to express their creativity through different media such as drawing, painting, sculpting and building. Songs and rhymes will support their learning across the areas, ensuring they can develop their skills in different ways and contexts.


Reception pupils will also begin to participate in PE lessons every Friday from 9th January so should come to school dressed in the correct PE kit on that day – please check the Uniform Policy and the letter sent out before the Christmas break.


We are looking forward to a very busy and exciting half term ahead.