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Year 3: Indigo and Lilac

Year 3


This term in Year 3, our Power of Reading book is ‘There’s a Pharaoh in our Bath’ by Jeremy Strong. It is about Tony Lightspeed, who is always bringing home sick and injured animals, so when he turns up with an unconscious man dressed from head to tie in rather stinky bandages, his family aren't too surprised. They then discover that the man is an ancient Egyptian pharaoh named Sennapod, who has been dead for over 4,000 years and he is brought back to life by two dastardly grave robbers!


Year 3’s focus in English will be prepositions and how they add more clarity to the reader.  Furthermore, pupils will study different prefixes and how they alter to the meaning of a word.


Our Power Of Reading book will help pupils in history when they learnt about Ancient Egypt. Year 3 will go on a journey through discovering how this ancient civilisation lived and the achievements of this ancient people.  In addition, pupils will use resources to ask and answer historical questions to develop their knowledge and understanding.


Additionally, in Design Technology, pupils be developing their own recipe for an Egyptian flatbread.  Within this subject, they will be studying how to be hygienic when cooking and will develop their knowledge and understanding of different aspects of cooking, including recipes and the accurate and safe use of appliances.


Our science topics of human nutrition and the human skeleton links clearly with our Design Technology topic. Pupils will begin to study how humans need specific nutritional foods in order to survive, the different classifications of food groups and why they are important for our bodies. They will then develop their understanding of the human anatomy by studying the human skeleton and how muscles work so we can move.


Pupils will begin to look at fractions in maths this half term.  They will study what a tenth is, how tenths are added and compare values of fractions and equivalent fractions. Pupils will then use their knowledge to answer word problems involving adding and subtracting fractions.

In PSHE, pupils will be studying the different make-ups of families there are in the world.  They will understand how families can be the people around you, and that we are to be accepting of other people’s families.


Pupils will continue to learn Spanish on a weekly basis and the focus this half term will be on different animals. They will be able to ask the question ‘What is it?’ and reply with an animal noun.


Pupils will also continue computing each week, where they will begin to explore spreadsheets and how to make different types of graphs, linking to their mathematics. They will then move onto exploring branching databases.


Finally, in RE at the end of the half term we will explore how different religions believe the world began.


P.E for Year 3 pupils will continue to be on a Tuesday morning so please ensure pupils are in their full school P.E. kit.