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Year 3: Indigo and Lilac

Year 3



In the first half of the Summer Term, the Year 3 Power of Reading book is ‘Roman Diary’.  It is the story of Iliona, an educated Greek girl, who has been orphaned and sold as a slave in Rome.  Pupils will be using this story to support them across the curriculum.

In English, pupils will be learning about the articles ‘a’ and ‘an’ and the rules when using these.  They will explore and develop their knowledge of vowels and consonants and how these support with the writing of noun phrases.  Pupils will then demonstrate their understanding by writing a diary entry of their own, using all the writing techniques from their prior learning.


In maths, pupils will be studying measuring with a particular focus on length.  They will investigate the most appropriate equipment and measurements to measure length and explain the justification behind their choices.  Pupils will then progress onto measure volume and capacity.  They will demonstrate their understanding of addition and subtraction methods in order to compare and estimate in the context of different measurements.


In science, pupils will study different magnets.  They will learn about the North and South poles on a magnet and how magnets are used in everyday life, linked to Shen Kuo, who discovered the concept of true north in terms of magnetic declination towards the North Pole.

In history, pupils will study the Roman Empire.  They will focus on how the Roman invasion came to be and the events that proceeded it.  Pupils will study their significant individual who is Julius Caesar and know about his significance within this era.  They will show they have a secure understanding of what happened when the Romans invaded Britain by writing a chronological report about the significant events of this time period.


In DT, pupils will be continuing to develop their understanding of the Roman Empire by looking at Roman shields.  They will study the materials the Romans used to make shields and the designs chosen, in order to create their own shield.  Pupils will have the opportunity to create their design using technology and test different materials before completing this project.

In PSHE, pupils will focus on being healthy, particularly looking at how to eat a healthy diet and look after their teeth.  Pupils will study the importance of a healthy balanced lifestyle, linking this to our overall mental and physical wellbeing.


In computing, pupils will learn to create more advanced animations that carry out more than just simple instructions. Pupils will learn to evaluate and improve their animations by debugging programming errors.

As part of their learning in Spanish, pupils will study carnival and develop their knowledge, pronunciation and the written form of numbers and dates.


For Year 3 pupils, P.E. will continue to be on a Monday afternoon so please ensure pupils are wearing their full P.E. kit on this day.

Please keep an eye on the website for WOW work and, if you have any questions, the Year 3 team can be contacted via the school office.