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Year 5: Amber Saffron


Welcome to Year 5!


Welcome back to another exciting half term at Edward Pauling Primary School.


Building a Village is our new and exciting IPC topic for this half term. Within this, Year 5 will be exploring the area that people have chosen to live in, looking at the reasons why they may have chosen that area and how the areas have changed over time. We will be using maps and an atlas to locate areas and using the internet to find secondary sources of information. 


Within Literacy, we will use our topic of Building a Village to focus our writing on. We will be learning about the features of explanation texts to write explanations about different areas that we study and how these areas have changed. We will also link our Literacy to Science to write explanations of how plants reproduce and about the human body. Towards the end of the half term we will be looking at the features of different types of poetry to help us to write our own poems. 


In Numeracy we will continue to apply the mathematical skills we learn to real life situations by first securing our understanding of written and mental method for all four operations and then applying them to real life contexts such as money, measurement and time.


We ask that parents remember that children’s homework is given out on a Thursday and must be returned on the following Tuesday.  We ask that children maintain the same high standard of work that they show in their Curriculum and Numeracy books.


PE will continue to be held on a Thursday for Year 5 however we ask that children ensure that their PE kits are always in school.


Thank you for your continued support and input – we appreciate and value your feedback.



We love school!


Letters to Parents

Come and see what your child will be learning about this half term!

Year 5 have acted as archaeologists to explore the different structures and buildings from Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece. We then constructed these buildings using cardboard, paper and any other materials that we could find in our classrooms.

Year 5 received a very important message from NASA

Still image for this video

We are presenting the information we gathered following our journey into space.

We learned all about animals and habitats and created our own unique animals to survive in a specific habitat.

This week year 5 have been looking at measuring in cm, m and mm then converting these measurements to other units. We were also challenged to produce our own Science exhibition to showcase our knowledge of space missions.

We have been training as astronauts in order to prepare for a Mission to Mars. We have been using our imagination to create then describe space settings. We have been exploring 3D shapes and their properties.