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Year 4: Jasper and Emerald


For the upcoming term, Year 4’s Power of Reading book will be ‘Timeless Thomas: How Thomas Edison Changed Our Lives’ by Gene Barretta which discusses Thomas Edison’s perseverance in the face of difficulty and failure before his inventions became successful. This book will be used to link learning across the curriculum.


In English, pupils will be looking at non-fiction biographies. Through their Power of Reading book, pupils will be learning to use the standard English forms of verbs. Following this, they will ensure they can use dictionaries to check the meaning of unfamiliar words and extend their vocabulary through doing so. Lastly, pupils will be revisiting proof-reading for errors.


In Science, pupils will be learning about sound and electricity. Within sound they will be focusing on understanding how sounds are produced, how they travel through a medium and reach our ears, exploring links between the sounds produced and how distance impacts on the volume. Within electricity, pupils will identify appliances as well as constructing simple circuits and judging whether they will light up as complete circuits.


In Maths, pupils will be developing problem solving skills related to converting from hours to minutes; minutes to seconds; years to months and weeks to days. They will also be using conversion skills within units of measure. Lastly, pupils will be developing their ability to Read Roman numerals to 100 (I to C) and know that, over time, the numeral system changed to include the concept of 0 and place value.


In DT, pupils will design a lighthouse with a functioning buzzer and light, using their knowledge from Science and their Power of Learning book. Pupils will use research skills and coming up with design criteria with the aim of ensuring their designs are innovative and fit for purpose, understanding the electrical systems within their finished product.


PE lessons continue on Thursdays, so please ensure your child has the correct kit in school on that day.


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The Maths activities below have videos to accompany them for parents to watch before working with your child. In addition, there will be a weekly challenge on Fridays. These can be accessed at https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-4/

Additional activities related to the topic for this half term will be added to the website shortly. Please also monitor your ParentMail account for information about online learning.

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