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Year 6: Crimson and Magenta

Welcome to Year 6


Welcome back to another exciting and fun-packed year! Our wonderful curriculum will provide our pupils with some fascinating, engaging and exciting learning experiences this half term that pupils just can’t wait to dive into!


This Autumn Term, pupils will spend time as a class reading our ‘Power of Reading’ novel, “Goodnight Mr. Tom,” to explore and examine the life of a child evacuee in Britain during the Second World War. Pupils will use this text for inspiration to write their own version of historical narratives, newspaper reports to break the news of the war and other types of informative, non-fiction based texts. For the first half of the term, pupils will look at securing cohesion in their writing through the use of vocabulary and grammar devices such as fronted adverbials to introduce time, manner and place. Pupils will also assess different levels of formality in writing and choose which style to implement when writing across different texts and for different purposes.


Pupils will further deepen their understanding of the context of World War II by carrying out their own research in History to inform their understanding of key figures, events and when they occurred using a timeline of the 1900s. Pupils will work with a range of sources to inform their historical understanding and to practise the skills of an historian by evaluating the reliability of a source.


Year 6 will also have ample opportunities to tie their learning from Maths into their History topic, where they can implement the skills of comparing place value when working with dates, and ordering larger numbers in ascending and descending order. In Maths, pupils will continue to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of place value by using this to form estimates and round numbers to the nearest place value.


Our wonderful curriculum will also provide us with excellent opportunities to examine the use of electricity during the war, linking to our Science topic of light and electricity, where pupils will examine its uses for life then compared to now.


Finally, pupils will explore Islam this half term and look at the role of humans in society and the responsibility of caring for others around us.

All Art, Design and Technology, as well as Music, will centre around the themes outlined above. We can’t wait for a very creative half term! Be sure to keep an eye on the website for Wow Work!


As a reminder, homework will continue to be set every Wednesday to be completed by the following Tuesday.


All Year 6 pupils are also expected to come dressed in the correct PE kit every Friday.


We Love School!