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Year 6: Crimson and Magenta


 Year 6


Welcome back to another exciting and fun-packed half term! As you are aware, currently school is operating under government guidance and as a result, much of our learning is now delivered via the online platform, J2e, until school reopens on 8th March 2021. However, Year 6 will continue to offer a wonderful curriculum which will provide our pupils with some fascinating, engaging and exciting learning experiences this half term that pupils just can’t wait to dive into! This will include a broad and balanced curriculum across both the core and foundation subjects.


All learning resources are accessible on J2e, including a timetable outline for pupils to follow whilst learning from home, which provides guidance on how long pupils should spend completing the work set each day, and when each subject should be completed.


This half term, pupils will continue to spend time as a class reading our ‘Power of Reading’ novel, “Pig Heart Boy,” to explore and examine the concept of transplantation and the issues of conflict and resolution involved. Pupils will use this text for inspiration to write their own version of contemporary fiction and persuasive writing around the key moral issues. For this half term, pupils will look at securing their knowledge of how the subjunctive form can be used within writing. Pupils will then study how writing can be improved through the process of evaluating and editing work.


In Science, pupils will study the topic of ‘Living Things and their Habitats’. Pupils will have the opportunity to explore concepts including classification and evolution, where they will learn about the differences between animals and how they evolve and adapt to suit their environments.


 In Maths, Year 6 will also develop their understanding of shape. Alongside this, pupils will learn about volume and how to calculate, compare and estimate the volume of cubes and cuboids. Pupils will also learn how to compare and classify geometric shapes based on their properties.


Pupils will explore a wide range of religious beliefs in RE, focusing on how the stories from different religions teach us lessons in life. All Design and Technology will focus on the concept of balanced diets, where pupils will learn about and design healthy dishes, whilst studying a range of healthy cooking techniques. Music will centre on the theme of roots, which will allow pupils to improvise and compose music for a range of purposes. All of the resources and activities will be on J2E for pupils to access to support their learning until all pupils return to school.


We strongly encourage pupils to follow the timetable outlined to enable them to maintain their progress while working from home. This timetable is designed to mirror the timetable used within school. Pupils who attend school will complete the same work set online as both follow the long-term plan, which can be found on the class page.


Whether pupils are in school or learning from home, work will be reviewed daily with feedback given to aid progression. All pupils will also have the opportunity of winning the Year 6 Star of the Week each week. 


As usual, the school website will continue to provide regular updates, including the wonderful work pupils complete online and in school. As always, if there are any questions or if school can support with home learning on J2e in anyway, please don’t hesitate to contact the school office.


We look forward to seeing everyone again soon when PE lessons will continue on Fridays so pupils should wear appropriate PE kit to school then. For now, we look forward to seeing all of the wonderful work pupils complete as we move forward in the Spring term.


We Love School!