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Year 6: Crimson and Magenta


 Year 6


Welcome back to our final and incredibly exciting half term! Our wonderful curriculum will provide our pupils with some fascinating, engaging and exciting learning experiences this half term that pupils just can’t wait to dive into!


In the second half of this Summer Term, pupils will continue to spend time as a class exploring and examining our ‘Power of Reading’ novel, “The Last Wild”. They will use this text for inspiration to write their own biographies as well as those based on the characters within the text to act as a learning anchor throughout the final half term. In English, pupils will study how dictionaries are used to check the spelling and meaning of words. They will also look at how the passive voice can be used to alter the presentation of information and learn how to maintain and use a consistent tense in their writing.


Pupils will link the changing environment of their Power of Reading Text to their studies in Geography where they will further deepen their understanding of human geography with a focus on regions of the world and how they can be compared to each other.  They will carry out their own research to identify how different areas of the globe interact and compare localities.


 Within Maths, Year 6 will also develop their understanding of how to draw and interpret data from line graphs and pie charts. Pupils will learn about the difference between these two types of data display. Using this knowledge, they will then begin to study how these skills can be applied across different types of data and real-life applications.


Our wonderful curriculum will also provide us with excellent opportunities to examine the concepts of adaptation and inheritance through Science. Pupils will explore how animals and other living things have adapted to suit their environment. As part of the Computing curriculum, pupils will develop their programming skills further this half term.


Pupils will explore Christianity this half term in RE and look at the importance of Jesus and how this has changed over time. In French, pupils will learn about the various destinations and locations within the country and apply their knowledge of vocabulary to form descriptions of these areas.


In Design Technology, pupils will explore the use of different methods and materials to design and create reinforced structures. They will use Hoover Dam as an example and basis for their work, drawing on the techniques that are used to create strength in dams to join different materials. Pupils will also evaluate their finished work and consider how they might improve or alter their work after completion. In Music, pupils will continue to explore how to sing together as a group and harmonize their vocals.

As a reminder, homework will be sent home every Monday to be completed by the following Monday. All Year 6 pupils are also expected to wear the correct PE kit into school every Friday.


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