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Year 6: Crimson and Magenta

Year 6


Hello and a huge welcome back to our Year 6 pupils. We hope that your step up from year 5 will be amazing! Our wonderful curriculum will provide our pupils with some fascinating, engaging and exciting learning experiences this half term, and we just can’t wait to dive into the learning ahead!


During this first half of the Autumn Term, pupils will spend time as a class exploring and examining our ‘Power of Reading’ book, “Goodnight Mr. Tom”. Pupils will use this text for inspiration to write their own fictional stories based on the characters in the text, using this as a learning anchor throughout the half term. They will also look at how cohesive devices can be used to help aid overall text understanding and the presentation of information.


Pupils will link the setting of their Power of Reading text to their studies in history where they will explore the events of the Second World War and the major sides within the conflict. They will explore how the war affected many different individuals and build a historical narrative to explain the overarching events. They will do so through their own exploration and research.


 Throughout their learning in Maths, Year 6 will also develop their understanding of place value to help build a solid foundation before moving onto securing their understanding of solving problems using the four operations. This will include formal methods and estimation and critical thinking skills.


Our wonderful curriculum will also provide us with excellent opportunities to examine the concepts of light and reflection through Science. Pupils will explore how light travels and how it interacts with different objects.


As part of the Computing curriculum, pupils will develop their programming skills further this half term by focusing on designing and critiquing their own video games.


Pupils will also have the opportunity to explore the religion of Islam this half term in RE and look at the idea of charity and giving within Muslim communities. In French, pupils will learn ways to describe themselves and hold conversations.


In DT, pupils will explore the use of different methods and materials to design and create their own products. They will use a Morse code machine and electrical switchboard as an example and basis for their work. Pupils will also evaluate their finished work and consider how they might improve or alter their work after completion.


As a reminder, homework will be sent home every Wednesday to be completed by the following Tuesday. All Year 6 pupils are also expected to wear the correct PE kit into school every Friday.

We look forward to an amazing half term and everything that our pupils will achieve.


We Love School!