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Year 6: Crimson and Magenta

Year 6


Hello and a big welcome back to all our Year 6 pupils! We hope that your winter break was restful and you’re all back and ready to learn! Our wonderful curriculum will provide our pupils with some fascinating, engaging and exciting learning experiences this Spring half term.


During this first half of the Spring term, pupils will spend time as a class exploring and examining our new ‘Power of Reading’ novel, “Pig Heart Boy.” Pupils will use this text for inspiration to write own fictional stories based on the characters within the text and to act as a learning anchor throughout the half term. In English lessons, they will look at the grammatical concept of the subjunctive form and the use of semi-colons.


Pupils will link the setting of their Power of Reading text to their studies of our significant individual, British surgeon Joseph Lister, alongside our science curriculum of health and the human body. They will explore and gain knowledge about the functions of the blood, heart, blood vessels and lungs. Pupils will also learn about how oxygen, water and nutrients are transported around the body.


Within maths, Year 6 will develop their understanding of how to solve problems involving the relative sizes of two quantities where missing values can be found by using integer multiplication and division facts. They will also learn how to express missing number problems algebraically and to solve problems involving the calculation and conversion of units of measure, using decimal notation up to three decimal places where appropriate.


Pupils will explore the religions of Islam and Christianity this half term in RE and look at the idea of how people express their faith through the arts. In French, pupils will learn ways to describe animals and where they live.


In music, pupils will explore rhythmic call and response, arranging and performing songs with structure. Within computing, they will learn to plan and create their own app, suited to a specific purpose, by programming using different types of software.


As a reminder, homework will be sent home every Monday to be completed by the following Tuesday. All Year 6 pupils are also expected to wear the correct PE kit into school every Friday. Information about clubs and other activities can be found on our website.


We look forward to an amazing half term and everything that our pupils will achieve. Please let a member of the Year 6 team know if you have any questions.


Secondary Transfer Information

Last term, all parents and carers of pupils due to be in Year 6 this year were sent the letter above.


Please ensure that you have read the letter and be aware that you must make an application for a place for your child at secondary school by 31st October 2021. If you have not made an application by this date, your child will not receive the offer of a place on National Offer Day in March 2022.


To do this, you will need to apply via the e-portal. This can be accessed via the London Borough of Hounslow Admissions webpage at https://www.hounslow.gov.uk/info/20032/secondary_admissions/1907/apply_to_transfer_to_secondary_school 


You should list more than one school on your application and ensure that these are listed in order of preference. All schools that you apply for will be asked to consider if they can offer your child a place and your child will receive a place from the highest ranked school making an offer. Please note that some schools have additional requirements - you should check to see if you are required to complete a supplementary form.


Most schools are hosting events for prospective pupils and parents/carers - please check the brochure which can be accessed via the letter above.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school.