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Year 1: Aqua and Sapphire

Year 1


In Year 1 this term our focus book will be ‘Out and About’. It is a wonderful book of poems which all relate to weather and seasons which links nicely with our Humanities and Science topics! The book explores what different weathers feel, look and sound like and introduces pupils to what a poem is.


In Literacy, pupils will be writing for different purposes such as stories and poems! Pupils will continue to work on using prefixes in our writing and building on their knowledge of descriptive language. They will also be starting to look into re-reading and proof-reading work so pupils can begin to edit what they have written to make improvements.


In Numeracy, pupils will be learning about division and using some of our previous knowledge of multiplication and times tables to help with this. They will also begin to explore fractions by looking at finding half and quarter of numbers and shapes.


In Science, pupils will be working scientifically to explore the four seasons. They will look at how each season is different and what happens to plants and animals throughout the year.


In Humanities, pupils will study Geography with a particular focus on weather. They will look in more detail at all the different kinds of weather are and how they affect the world around us. Pupils will be making observations and recording weather to make their own judgements and predictions.


PE will be every Monday afternoon and the children must have the appropriate kit in school so they can take part in all lessons – we also advise that all items of uniform should be labelled with your child’s name and class.


Year 1 are looking forward to an outstanding Summer Term in Year 1.


We Love School!