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Year 6: Coral Magenta


Welcome to Year 6!


The last term at Edward Pauling Primary School has arrived for our Y6 pupils and it will be packed full of creative and challenging activities, trips, rehearsals and other surprises!


In IPC the pupils will learn about the topic 'Space Explorers'. This topic enables the children to further their knowledge about the solar system, space exploration and how space travel hopes to develop in the future.  The pupils will link this to the literacy work via explanation and information texts, as well as poetry. 


Through science lessons the pupils will learn about light.  They will plan, carry out and evaluate investigations linked to the topic to deepen their knowledge and understanding.  The unit will include learning about light and shadows, the human eye and how light travels.  Also in science, Y6 will continue their learning of evolution and gain greater insight into how humans and animals have evolved.


During this half term Y6 will be very busy with play auditions and rehearsals ready for their production during the last week of term.  Auditions for 'Oliver' will start during the second week back with a full rehearsal timetable in place for the following few weeks.


The Y6 pupils also have many end of year treats to look forward to, such as a trip to Thorpe Park, a water fight and barbeque and also a sleepover to celebrate their hard work towards their SATs tests.



Thank you for your on-going support.



PE will remain on a Tuesday so all children must bring in their full PE kits.



Year 6 SATs Information

Find out what your child will be learning this half term!

To support Year 6 pupils with their Topic AD900 you can use the following websites:







Year 6 went to Thorpe Park to celebrate all their achievements over the past year!

The HA set were solving a puzzle using clues based on the properties of 3D shapes and then devising their own puzzle to challenge others.

In Year 6 we have been revising time in preparation for our SATs tests. We have been revising analogue time, time duration and conversion.

In IPC we have learnt about the Kingdom of Benin. We inferred from written descriptions what the city included and drew our own town maps.

In maths, Year 6 have been revising how to find proportion of different amounts and use their knowledge to solve problems.

To deepen our understanding of evacuation during WW2, we spend the morning researching the QFL 'Why were children evacuated during WW2?' We then presented out findings in a variety of different ways, such as news reports, poems, presentations and posters.

The children in Y6 looked at the different causes of WW2. They then worked in pairs to analyse and justify which they felt were the most/least significant causes. They arranged them using a diamond 9 layout.

The children looked at the different destinations the German's invaded during WW2 and caluculated the distances the travelled and the costs involved.