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Year 3: Indigo and Lilac


In Year 3 this half term, pupils will focus on the book ‘How the World Works: A hands-on guide to our amazing planet’ which is an introduction to the earth's natural cycles and the impact of human actions on the environment.


In English, pupils will be studying the use of ‘a’ and ‘an’ and the definitions of vowels and consonants and how they link.  They will also be studying the possessive apostrophe in plural words.  Pupils will then use this knowledge to write a diary entry.


In Maths, pupils will be measuring the perimeter of 2D shapes.  They will then be studying time, estimating and reading clocks with accuracy as well as considering the use of minutes and seconds.  Pupils will be able to read the time on both digital and analogue clocks.


In Humanities, Year 3 will be studying the world.  They will be investigating the world’s countries using maps and other sources.  Pupils will be able to describe and understand the key aspects of physical geography in different countries of the world.  In addition, pupils will study volcanoes and earthquakes and how these are formed.


In DT, pupils will use research and design criteria to design protective clothing and equipment.  Pupils will understand why different types of clothing is worn and their purpose.  This will result in pupils designing an experiment to study the durability of materials within their design.


P.E. for Lilac Class and swimming for Indigo Class will continue on Wednesday mornings so please make sure your child has the correct kit in school.


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The Maths activities below have videos to accompany them for parents to watch before working with your child. In addition, there will be a weekly challenge on Fridays. These can be accessed at https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-3/

Additional activities related to the topic for this half term will be added to the website shortly. Please also monitor your ParentMail account for information about online learning.